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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture Day, Lazy Day and Apple Sauce Mustache

How's that for a title? Ainsley had picture day at preschool today and she looked pretty stylish in her little sweater and jeans. . am pretty sure she was better dressed than her mommy today :)I love that pic of them waving out their window as daddy drove off and yelling while laughing, "drive safely on the wet and icy roads!!"

After we dropped Ainsley off today we went to Hy-Vee and the news station was there. . I thought they were going to ask me a few questions and I'd be on my way. They ended up following me around as I finished shopping and fumbled through checking out (couldn't find my credit card so used another one and it said declined?! :) ) all the while trying to keep 2 boys happy bc I have a mic attached to me!!!!!!!!! They'll listen to the video and hear me saying things like, "be good and I'll give you a ceral box toy when we get to the car!" Don't mind the fact that Trey had chocolate smeared around his mouth from his free cookie! They are doing a report on consumers putting less food in the package. Honestly, I had no idea there was less cereal in my box and I had terrible answers for them. I am really not opinionated, and was all flustered! Pretty much just nervous giggled through all of my answers :)

Yesterday was a lazier day. I am trying to cherish the mornings we can relax in jammies. . .And when Ainsley wanted to wear a princess dress outside. . why not?

On to the apple sauce mustache. . .I was inspired by another mom (Hollie :) ) to let Trey feed himself with a spoon. The RESULT. . . .and a messy floor. I absolutely love how he's two fisting it.
And he loved his own bowl of cheerios for breakfast today. But now I'm going to have to start buying more boxes since I found out the consumers are putting LESS in my boxes!!

If you would like to read on to some Porter and Ainsley funnies the last day. . here you go. . .

While at Target yesterday, Porter told the lady at costumer service that she has a lot of flies in her "house."

We have "game night" Wed nights too and I hear from the other moms that Porter is quite the ham during music time. . leading the class while quite full of expression in "This Little Light of Mine."

One more thing he said yesterday after he tipped my glider rocker over and I helped him pick it up was, "Good thing we have each other mommy!"

He is beginning to be a proud big brother and when I told the boys they could have a cookie Porter excitedly said, "Trey, you and me are getting a cookie!" Trey said, "Cookie!"

Last night Ainsley proudly read "Hop on Pop" to us at bedtime and today informed me that she doesn't need to go to preschool bc she can already read like a kindergartner :) You are pretty bright Miss Ainsley. . yesterday you sat down at the table and wrote 10, 20, 30, 40. . .all the way to 100! Then Little A, you decided to write a party invitation to daddy and we made a "coming home from work party cake" for him. You set the table while you told Porter to catch the flies.


Hollie said...

Glad to hear I inspired you to let Trey feed himself. He had a great mustache going there. Too cute:)

Canderson said...

Thanks for reading my blog! It is a funny book. I just put two and two together, you are Goof's wife! :) Marc (my hubby) and I are friends with Jake and Julie. I sang at their wedding. Anyway. It is a small world! :) Your kids are adorable!