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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny Saturday

It was beautiful outside today, so we tried to soak up some rays before winter hits! We took the kids to a Cougar girls soccer game. . .GooF kept teasing me for saying, "The goal is so big. . .why can't they get it in there?!" And this would be how Porter was dressed for the game. . .Old Navy had a big sale this morning and if the kids came dressed in costumes they got to pick out a free shirt! I am all about free shirts, so we were there! Plus, the Old Navy costumes were all 5 dollars. . .well, we got a free 5 dollar off coupon when we walked in the store, so the Ninja costume came home with us and it's been on Porter ever since :) Check out the free shirts. . .yes, they're both a size 4T :) We continued soaking up Vitamin D by CARVING PUMPKINS!And then painting them!This post would now be over, except that there were some surprise pics on the camera taken by daddy! GooF says he knows nothing about this :) Tubby time when mom is out. . I guess the bathroom was quite wet :) But boy, does Porter look like he's enjoying it!

And for my "not me" of the day. . . We went on a walk around the block today, and someone DID NOT once again say to me, "You have your hands full!" 3 children ages 1 to 4. . .full hands. . .NOT ME!

Blessed?! YES ME!

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Megan said...

ha! it is essential to remove all clothes before starting a painting project! too cute!