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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scrub a dub dub. . .and much more. .

Three in the tub!! Trey's newest skill is soaping up his hands by himself!as for much more. . .
we've been filling our days with bug catching, plane flying, playing with cousins,
and recieving a surprise package in the mail. . .thanks Bethany! Ah, my friend from the south. . I'll never forget the days when you showed up to my house all bundled up and my kids were running around outside barefoot most likely :) And the day you bought a winter coat and asked me if it would be warm enough :) In case you want to know, my feet have started to get cold in flip flops :( We've been finishing up soccer season. . .and finally got smart and brought the wagon. . .
and next year Porter won't have to sit on the sidelines. . .
We've been doing artwork (and math). . and filing it in binders. . .thanks Ainsley for the I LOVE YOU MOM pic. . I will cherish it forever! It means SO much to me!

We had friends over to make pizzas and play. . .While they were here, Porter learned a lesson in not throwing his green beans off his plate. And later that night as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, I found a green bean in the vent and thought about the things I have"on my plate" in life.

We've been baking cookies. . .

chasing down a hot air balloon to watch it land. . .and training our little boys to be good daddies and husbands someday. . .And just because I love NOT ME'S. . .

I DID NOT get out of my car at a 4 bed, 3 bath house that was for sale to pick up a flyer, because I never look at other houses. And even if I had stepped out of the car, I DID NOT step out without shoes on, because I always keep my shoes on while in the passenger seat. And even if I had my shoes off, I DID NOT step on DOG POOP as I went to get the flyer. NOT ME!! sidenote. . I am thankful for my home, but always looking :) apparently I wasn't looking out for dog poop!

I DID NOT change Trey's diaper in the car, and even if I had I most certainly DID NOT put the diaper on only one cheek without realizing it! And when I picked him up after eating lunch out I DID NOT have a baby with one wet pant leg. When I took his pants off, I DID NOT do it again in the car, and I DID NOT find out what was wet was actually poopy! NOT ME! I always find a nice changing area, make sure his diaper is covering both cheeks and never have to deal with poopy messes!

And lastly, I DID NOT put my oldest son in an adorable pink coat and pink rainboots to go into storytime. NOT ME! I am always prepared for rainy days, with boy rain gear in the car!

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Bethany said...

You're welcome Emily! I am definitely back where I belong away from all that snow. :)
I think Trey is looking more like baby Ainsley these days, what do you think? And speaking of Miss Ainsley, she truly is amazing with her drawing and writing. You know that, don't you?