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Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas card PHOTO FLOPS!

I decided if I wanted a Christmas pic of the kids outdoors I better do it while it's still nice, so off we went to a scenic park. I packed suckers and chips in case I needed bribes :) Here's to the Christmas card photos that DIDN'T turn out! On Take 1, Trey was crying. . .not quite what I envisioned for a Christmas card photo, but still cute :). . .On Take 2, Trey was crying again and Porter was eating a bribery chip :) On Take 3, again, not quite what I imagined :)I DID thankfully get a photo where everyone was smiling, but you'll just have to wait and check your mailbox in December :)
I also captured them just playing between Take 1, 2, 3, and 4!

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Hollie said...

Funny I understand completely trying to get kids to cooperate for Christmas Card pictures, we usually take ours when we go up to Carl's families tree farm the middle of November. It is so frustrating to try and get them with pleasant looks on their faces. Gabe likes to look everywhere but the camera and Ty just generally won't smile at the camera unless you put an obscene amount of effort into getting him to laugh. Oh the joys:)