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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Favorite Photo Frenzy

Since my last post, my days have been filled with fall activities. . baking sugar cookies, apple dumplings and chilli, going to a football game, birthday party, soccer game (Ainsley scored 2 goals and her mama is her biggest fan no matter what!), a movie night in the pool at Family Wellness, dance, etc etc etc. Trey has taken a few steps on his own and when I said, "You took 4 steps Trey!" he said, "steps, steps." He also calls Ainsley "Zazee" or "Zizzy" for Ainsley or sissy. Here's some of my favorite recent photos. . . .
Trey "crawling" on the driveway without hurting his knees. . .Our last minute picnic at the park bc it was a beautiful day. . .RAKING LEAVES and jumping in them?! I remember doing that as a kid, so we may need to find a bigger pile of leaves. . . Grandpa always lets Porter help mash the potatoes at our Sun night dinners, so when I made potatoes this wk Porter MASHED them all on his own!!!! Helping mom with chairs pulled up to the counter. . .gotta love the many expressions. . .When Trey stood, Ainsley said, "Write that down!" My other favorite quote by Ainsley this wk was "Mommy, when we were being such good listeners daddy thought we were someone elses kids!" :) said with a smile :) Porter didn't want me to take the following picture. . .And, ahh, we were all hot and sweaty after playing in the backyard. . .chillin with some ice cream cones. . .again, nice expressions. . .
And so much for my photoshoot before church Sunday. . didn't go as planned with these two SILLIES. . .now I'm laughing at the shot with GooFs head cut off. . .football season is upon us, and Porter has his game face on. . .My favorite quote from Porter this week was "Am I a big brother now?" Yes, Porter you've been a big brother for 14 months now :)
This morning was Donuts with Dad for D week at preschool. . Ainsley introduced her daddy as GooF and the class laughed :) He said she was answering all the questions at circle time. . what comes after 29, etc.

And just so you don't get the wrong impression of our family, our days have also been filled with sleepless nights due to crabby, feverished, rashed, Trey after his MMR shot and also due to teething Trey. Did I mention he threw his first fit at Toys R Us this morning? He was telling me loudly that he didn't want to leave the big cars you can ride on.

Oh, and I can't forget the highlight! When we lived in Ames as newlyweds, we were SO SO SO SO SO BLESSED to be a part of a church with so many other young newly married couples. We have SO MANY MEMORIES with these other couples and what a great way to start out a marriage! Our small group consisted of NO babies. I think if we got together now there would be atleast 10 kids 4 and under!!!! One of the girls from the small group was going to be close by so she drove up here with her two darling little girlies to play! And luckily my children didn't beat hers up too much :) Thanks Renae for being such a great sister in Christ. . isn't it amazing how the girlfriends that we meet along the way that share our faith become friends for life?! Porter said, "Mommy, if she's your friend, she's kinda my friend too," and gave her a big hug right when she arrived :)


Bethany said...

Emily, I'm sad you won't be at convention too. Maybe another year? Good thing we will both be "MOPS" for a while longer. You guys are so busy, I hope we can find more friends and fun here and be as busy as you!

Hollie said...

The funny expressions must just be a 3 year old boy thing. Gabe always does that it is hard to get a good picture of him smiling normally. Ty is starting to walk on his own too. He can take several steps between us but then will resort to crawling, much faster. Loved all the pis. It's so fun to see how our boys are doing such similar things. Loved the pics. Hops Trey is feeling better from the shots and teeth soon!

CycloneMomma said...

I'm so sorry that I wasn't there with Renae. :( That would have been so much fun! Maybe some time!

Megan said...

the weather has been great! we played in tons of leaves at mckennan yesterday, but otherwise, we don't have any in our yard for sure! (we have one little tree...)