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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun at the Childrens Museum

                                   Trey told me today that he wants his middle name to be "strong" :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Keep on Running. . .

The other night I could not wait to get out and run!  Sometimes dinnertime goes so smoothly. . .we talk about our days, etc.  The other night, a plate fell off the table, a drink spilled, etc and I was ready to run.  I really enjoy it. . .it's my time alone with God, and I come back renewed.   Am pretty excited on the rare occasions I run my 5K route in under 30 with God's strength :)
You remind me of your daddy in so very many ways. . .
 This is what picture taking of lil boys. . and big boys for that matter. . .looks like :)

They thought they looked like their daddy in their hooded sweatshirts :)

 Following an ant. . .

 and "helping" mom plant. . .

Night of the Arts

 Porter's school had a "Night of the Arts". . .he chose an Easter story book to draw a picture about and write about. . .I am so thankful you love Jesus, Porter.  He loves you too!

Afternoon Ice Cream Cones

                                               Afternoon ice cream amongst brothers

                                Go ahead and go for the bottom first. . .the best part according to me :)  Good thing I bought the jumbo pack of cones!

Sunny Afternoons

Ah, I love when I take the opportunity to sit down and blog. . .combining a few of my fav things. . .taking pictures, writing, and our kids!!  The kids had beeen asking when they could break in their new slip n slide, so this was the day. . .


 When Ryker woke from his
nap he was unsure about the
action in the backyard.  It didn't take him long to join in on the fun though! 

By this time the slip n slide had been moved to the bottom of our big slide :)

Getting some encouragement from the big bros

Showing him how it's done :)

Bring on sunny afternoons!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

These girls. . .

are far more precious than jewels, and their value far above rubies or pearls. . .


We love living in the same town as some of our college friends. . .Ryker got denied by 2 little girls of college friends in 2 days :) This little one said, "no touch" lol. . .

Their daddies are training them well :)

Remember, dear son, that perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. So there is hope :)
We love to hang out with our friends who have 4 kids. . .and 1 on the way! They make me feel like we don't have a lot of kids :) Plus, their littlest girl is one of Ryke's favs, as she sends the sweetest texts :)

The big kids entertained themselves rolling down the hill. . .

and, we played for a good long while before 1 of my children had a meltdown. . not bad for 8 kids! My fav part was probably when one of the boys needed to pee and he chose a really tiny tree :) lol. . .these friends make me laugh!