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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where can I get me some of them?!

UPDATE: oh, my boys. I grew up with sisters, and continue to be amazed at boys. Porter climbed to the top of our snow pile, made a snowball, and waited, while he watched the garbage truck come down our street. I thought, "what is he doing?" Well, he waited til the garbage truck drove in front of our house and he THREW that snowball at the garbage truck. I could see the driver laughing :) Boys. Where can I get me some of them BOYS?!

Yesterday morning I looked at the clock and tried to figure out if we could make it to a carwash and groceries before story time?! With the help of my 3 lovely assistants we did it. As I had all 3 SQUISHED in the top part of the cart with 2 steering wheels, eating donut holes, a nice OLD man stopped me and said, "Where can I get me some of them?" (referring to my 3 lovely assistants) :) He made me smile.

These 3 also make very fine waiters. . .the other morning (after being up in the night with a puking 1yr old), Ainsley and Porter sent me to bed. I could hear them trying to be quiet and sneaky as they prepared me breakfast. I laid in bed praying that they'd manage the milk and OJ and cereal on the top shelf of the pantry ok, and that they wouldn't attempt coffee :) Pretty soon they came in carrying a tv tray and woke up their pretending to be asleep mama and this is what I saw. . .

Thank you kids :)

It was an absolutely perfect snowman making day yesterday! Porter made the bottom of the snowman and Ainsley the top, while I made the middle. . .looks as if they out did me. . .

The snowman making went much better than our bike ride around the block, in which many people had not scooped the sidewalk :)

And for your viewing enjoyment, we have Trey talking on 2 videos. . .daddy taught him to say pretty, for mommy. . .

Monday, January 19, 2009

Future Hairstylists?

Ainsley has been anxiously awaiting going to the hair salon with her cousin :) They would like to work there when they grow up, so that they can cut Grammy's hair :) This morning my sister and I braved the hair salon with 5 kids 5 and under. I was loaded with fruities, m&m's, books, and a stroller for Trey. It actually went very well. . .there was plenty for Trey to sit and look at, and if Porter had misbehaved, all I would have had to do was tell him he was going to get a haircut if he did that again :) In other news, as we left the pizza place this wknd, we were planning on taking the kids swimming. . . .and then, we realized the pool was closed. What better place to swim than in our new basement bathtub?! Do all kids do this? Or just children of a math major?! Ainsley and Porter LOVE to line things up. Here are Porter's toys having a parade this morning. . .And, I just love my men (and my little lady of course). . .Trey has learned to point at his head, ears, eyes, teeth, etc, when we ask, but he's not one for showing off :)

Just for a litle split screen fun. . .Ainsley and Trey

Ainsley and Porter

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bubbles and Brothers

Trey loves to not only say "bubbles," but to play with them! And when it's too cold to play outside, I need a little bubble fun myself!

Those little overalls make me want to just pick him up and squeeze him!

OK, so Ainsley has been wishing for a sister. . . and if she can't have one yet, she'll settle for a brother who will dress up like a sister :)
Mom and dad drew the line at undergarments :)

I must say, that even while he was playing dress-up, he still acted ALL BOY. . .here he is with his "ROCKETSHIP BOOSTER BACKPACK!"Just me and my brothers. . .

one of which is hiding from the camera. . .
Ainsley had Muffins with Mom and Gramma this week for M week at preschool (forgot my camera, but she ran in and gave grammy a huge hug), and here she is heading of to preschool with dad in their knitted hats. . .
And how is she liking preschool these days? Let's just say that she'd rather be at home, but she did enjoy the science experiment they did with snow. I am planning on sending her to kindergarten next year. . .I know she would benefit academically from being homeschooled. . .she is SO self-motivated and enjoys learning. . .plus, she gets frustrated when she can't finish her snack/work in the time allowed, but not sure it is best for me/our family. I know God has given me a passion for kids and homemaking (from the time I said, "yes, yes, yes, I got a baby that-a-way" at Christmas as a small child), but not sure I have that passion for homeschooling. You can continue to pray for us, and that God gives her a loving, Christian teacher next year that understands her (no, I don't mean myself, unless of course I change my mind :) ), and a few great friends!

Porter had an early childhood evaluation this week and was well liked :) He called the lady testing him a Dr (one of the many times he made her smile). . .I overheard her ask him, "what would you do if you broke someone's toy?" He said, "I'd tell them I'm sorry." Yes, he's learning the important things in life, like forgiveness. You can pray for him as we get his speech checked further in Feb.

And Trey, well, I'd like to pick him up and squeeze him in these jammies too. . .he's waiting to wave at daddy heading off to work. . .

Trey's zipper broke on his coat (you can just picture me trying to get him out of his coat with a broken zipper), so we headed to Old Navy to get a new coat and this regularly 42 dollar coat was 5 dollars!!!!!! I love when all the winter clothes go on sale. . .I start stocking up for the next winter!OK, so I guess, why really would you want to go to preschool if your best playmate was at home?!

In other news, Ryan's parents came this weekend and worked on our basement bathroom. . .I took the kids out for some fun in the snow so they could work!One of the reasons I began blogging, other than to share some of our flip flop family fun (minus the flip flops in this weather), is bc I loved to read other's blogs. Mckmama on had the best post on what's up with mother's guilt today. . . you MUST read it. . .when I got done, I said AMEN! I couldn't agree more sister in Christ!!!

Another blog I read asked to think of one fact about ourselves. . .seriously, taking the time to think about myself. . .hmmm. . .I finally came up with this little fact. . .every time I make a batch of cookies, I use the last of the cookie dough to make a heart shaped cookie for GooF :) Yes, my cookie loving husband gets a heart out of the last of the cookie dough. . then I usually scrape the sides of the bowl and leave him a spoonful of cookie dough in the fridge.

Did I mention this handsome husband of mine overestimated me. . .he thought I wouldn't blog til mid Feb :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sandboxes for Summer?!

Who says sandboxes are only for summertime? :)

Our backyard is a sheet of ice!! Porter doesn't always listen the first time I ask him to do something, but the minute I tell him to get dressed for outside, he's there!!

NOT blogging

I am NOT already blogging again, because I have other things to do. But if I was blogging, here's what I'd write. . .

Ainsley's first slumber party was a hit. . .the only tears came when the cousins had to leave each other the next morning. You would've thought they lived farther than a five minute walk away from each other!
Here is a conversation from the dinner table at the slumber party (in which Trey ate EVERYONES left over mint bon bon ice-cream). . .

Ainsley: We can't get a cat, because my mom is allergic.
Tae: We don't have a cat either.
Ainsley: But you do have a fish.
Tae: No, he died.
Porter: (Look of complete disbelief and sadness on his face!!)
Ainsley: How'd he die?
Me: maybe he was old.
Tae: Fish are a lot of work.
Me: Are kids a lot of work?
Ainsley: No
Tae: But babies are :)

Followed by this conversation. . .not at the dinner table. . .
Tae: "Your toilet paper is so soft. What kind is it?"
Me: Charmin.
Tae: "It feels like a blanket!"

I finished knitting my first hat with the knifty knitter. The brim is a bit long :) but Ainsley LOVES it, and has been wearing it non-stop. You could say it was made with love.

Trey and I had a fun-filled game of "where's Trey?" this morning. . .And, one of my favorite blogs to read is She is the creator and queen of the not me's. We have emailed back and forth some. . .we share a love of God, along with a love for baby names and all things colorful. And now, for my NOT ME'S. . .

After finishing grocery shopping, I did NOT give my 3 and 1/2 yr old a full box of cheese nips in his seat in the van. And even if I had, he did NOT accidentally spill them ALL on the floor of the van as I pulled out of my parking spot. After picking them up, he did NOT accidentally spill them ALL again. . .it is NOT hard for a 3 and 1/2 yr old to hold onto balloons from the grocery store and a box of cheese nips. I did NOT leave them on the floor of the van while we drove to get Ainsley from preschool, and as we were driving, I did NOT notice a car accident and think that spilled cheese nips are not that bad.

I do NOT have a chocolate cake baking in the oven as I type, because we're only eating healthy food this new year! And even if there was a cake in the oven, I did NOT make it so that my house would smell good, in an attempt to get rid of the mexican food smell.

I did NOT hear Porter say to Ainsley, "I'll pretend to be the baby kitty and you be the mommy kitty and I'll drink milk from you." Babies drinking milk from mommies?! How'd they learn about that?!

As we were leaving preschool today a mom did NOT stop me and say, "did you just call him Porter?" "That's my FAVORITE boy name."

And now, I leave you with my favorite photo. . . do you suppose she's reading about Jonah or perhaps Jesus walking on water?!

Oh yes, but anyway, I am NOT blogging because I have other things to do!! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been a year since I began blogging, and what a great outlet it has been for me!! I am so glad I was able to record some of our family fun in 2008! As I look ahead to 2009, my blogging may be "going on the back burner." I am SURE I will still post stories and pictures, but blogging is not as high on my list of priorities this year, so it may not be as frequent. . .there's Ainsley's first slumber party to plan, there's more swimming at the Wellness Center to be done with the family, there's books, including my Bible, to be read, and soon I'm off to snuggle up to watch football and attempt my first knitting project :)

But first, our New Years Eve Celebration. . .My parents graciously spent New Years Eve taking care of our children for the 3rd year in a row, so that we could ring in the new year with Matt and Michelle! I so enjoyed spending 6 and 1/2 hours with my man, eating out and playing games! We are so thankful for Matt and Michelle's friendship! No, Michelle and I didn't spend the evening cutting up confetti like we used to :)

Our tradition on New Years morning is making homemade donuts! We use biscuits in the fry daddy and then dip them in sugar/powdered sugar! It is such a fun tradition that we've been doing for the past 4 years, and we always look forward to it!

This morning we prayed for our new year. . .Ainsley prayed for all the fun things we're going to do this year, and for all the things we have. Porter prayed for a Happy New Year. Trey just prayed. . .or maybe he was just asking for his food :)


PS. . .GooF gives me til Feb. . .he thinks I'll be back blogging a lot soon :) I do enjoy it. . .just don't want to feel pressured to get it ALL BLOGGED!!! You understand. . .there's clothes to be washed and folded, etc etc. OK, so why am I still blogging?! Oh yes, because it's a good outlet for me :)