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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryker Recap

Mmm. . .my handsome littlest man. . .you are yummy! From your kissable cheeks, to your baby smell, I just love you! At 2 months old, and a whopping 14 lb and 22.75 in,

you have become much more content. Giving us smiles and coos. . .

You were none too fond of your stay in the hospital nursery, getting gunk suctioned out of you, etc. Crying in your carseat on the way home should have been a warning that you would dislike. . .er, despise the thing. I suppose part of it was because we just stuck you in there when we needed to go places, whether you were ready or not. But thankfully, you are doing much better in it. . .see, that is YOU, SLEEPING in it!You LOVE being swaddled, and are most often found in my Moby Wrap. That thing always calmed you the first few months when you were, what I liked to say, "picky" or how Dr.Z put it, "particular." When I do set you down, on occasion, you like the boppy. . .You have tummy time on it, you sleep on it, you give me funny faces and stretch on it, I play dressed up with you on it, And then you say, PLEASEPick me up because I'm hungry!! Feed me! (You are often found nursing ;) Thus the 6 lb gain in 2 months )
You LOVE bathtime. . .guaranteed smile and splashes when I set you in there. . .

And I love myself a freshly bathed, lotioned, sleepy baby to rockabye!
Eyelids getting heavy, about to doze. . .
You have been enjoying your swing recently. . .

and continue to protect yourself

from your many big siblings who are full of "love" for you

I am not the only one who takes your picture, makes sure you're healthy, and, I wish I had a funny caption for this photo. . . initiating you into the band of brothers?
The next pic is for the lady at the store that said my baby needed a hat. . .
that's how you feel about hats ;)

Ryker Matthew, I adore the rolls on your wrists and the wrinkles on your forehead

You are growing so much!

I often take just you with me when I run errands, go Christmas shopping, go to Bible Study, etc and you have gotten lots of cute comments and looks these first few months. I love to tell people that I have 3 more at home ;) One of my favorite comments is your perfectly shaped head. . .yeh, I haven't set you down much :) but am starting to more. God has chosen you to be our son, and us to be your parents. I pray that we will raise you, while looking to Him for guidance. We love you!
And now it's off to a gingerbread house making party. . .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas at Grammy and Grampas 2010

A few quick memories we made this Christmas were. . .

1. Laughing lots with my sisters and mom!

2. Holding baby Ryker

3. the Wisconsin Badgers onesie. . .We did set Ryker down briefly to get pics in his new onesie since GooF said, as always:), "Try it on!"
4. Playing in the snow with Willow while Grammy got dinner on. . .

5. Sledding. . . (thanks Gramps for the lift)

6.Rolling down the snow hill. . .

and for #7.
Swinging in the snow ;) . . .

Thanks mom and dad for all the stocking stuffers, gifts and time spent together making memories with your grandkids aged 7,6,5,4,3 and 2 months!

Friday, December 17, 2010

"All I want

for Christmas

is my two
front teeth!"

Not only is Miss Ainsley working on growing her two front teeth, she is becoming a wonderful writer! Ainsley's spelling assignment today was to write a story with some of her spelling words in it. She loves reading mystery books and did an excellent job writing her own ( I did help with punctuation and some spelling)! She used the words book, looked, good, took and foot. . .

One afternoon, I was reading a book. It was good. It was a princess fairy book. I was reading in my room, when I heard mommy and daddy call, “We need some detectives!” So Porter, Trey and I ran into the living room. We saw mommy and daddy but no baby Ryker. “Where is baby Ryker?” we asked. “That is the mystery,” said mommy and daddy. So we looked and looked for clues. Finally, we found a clue. It was footprints in the snow. I said, “I’m cold. Let’s go inside for hot cocoa.” So we did. We took off our snow clothes and drank hot cocoa. Then we put on our snow clothes and went outside and looked and looked at the footprints again. Finally, I said, “I know who made these footprints! Grammy and Grampa!” We ran inside to tell mommy and daddy. While we drank hot cocoa we told mommy and daddy that Grammy and Grampa took Ryker! “Oh I remember, Grammy and Grampa offered to watch baby Ryker today,” said mommy. So we all went to Grammy and Grampas house. “Oh, I totally forgot that it’s Christmas at Grammy and Grampas house I said!” We ate supper and then opened Christmas presents. The end!

I love the line, "Oh I remember, Grammy and Grampa offered to watch baby Ryker today," said mommy. Like I'd forget ;) And love the line, "Oh I totally forgot that it's Christmas. . ." Like she'd forget ;)
I have a "Ryker Recap" and "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas post" in my head but we'll see if I get it blogged. . .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Diaper Duty

With baby #1, I used a diaper genie. With babies #2 and #3 I used a garbage can. With baby #4?

Wonder what I'll do if there's a #5? That's all I've got time for today. . .I have diapers and such to clean up ;)