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Monday, June 30, 2008

Worship in the park

As part of our family reunion this past weekend, my dad led a worship service in the park. Looking around during it, I praised God for placing me in the family that He did. . .one in which we worship Him! The kids were of course thrilled that they got to play, and then pull up a lawn chair, grab a cookie and drink, and sing along with grandpa playing the guitar.

And just because he's darling, here's soon to be 11 month old Trey. . .tasting cookie dough, pulling himself up on me (I love how when he sees me he smiles, reaches out his arms and kicks his legs and if I don't pick him up, he crawls to me and pulls himself up!), playing in the tubby, and sticking out his tongue (his big siblings have taught him many other new tricks too, like shaking his head no with a huge grin)

After going to the zoo this past week, I caught Ainsley teaching Porter all about the animals. Did I mention I got pooped on by a bird in the flamingo cage? Just my toes and flip flops :) And lastly, toeheaded brothers, after getting their haircuts outside. . .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Camping Trip

Well, we survived our first camping trip as a family of five. As we were leaving the campsite I said, "I want to stay another day." GooF said, "I don't want to stay 15 more minutes." HA. We were tired. It's a lot of work as the parents, packing everything, etc, but a lot of fun too! We always wondered how old your kids had to be before they started saying, "Are we there yet?" Well, now we know. About a half hour into our drive Ainsley said, "Are we there yet?" It's begun! Sunday afternoon when we arrived the first thing the kids wanted to do was go to the beach. . .
Gramma Becky and Grampa Seth came out for awhile, and roasted hot dogs/smores. Daddy told funny spooky stories around the campfire, and I tried to put an overtired Trey to sleep. The kids had fun playing flashlights in the tent and they slept in there all night!
After the kids went to bed GooF and I did get a little time together sitting by the fire. Porter woke up with the sun Monday morning and Ainsley continued to sleep while they mowed around the tent :) Both kids were in their element and did not want to leave. I asked Ainsley her favorite part and teary eyed she said, "Everything except leaving." The beach was empty Monday morning and the kids LOVED finding seashells and building sand castles.

As I looked out from our cabin to the lake it was so peaceful and I agreed with Ainsley. . .I was enjoying God's creation and didn't want to leave. Then I remembered my need for a shower :)

I loved going on a bike ride with Porter, pushing Ainsley on the swings, sitting in the sand with Trey and introducing GooF to apple pies over the fire :) I guess you could say we were happy campers. . mostly.

Parade and Pool

Saturday morning we went to a parade and Porter was so much fun to watch. . .he waved and waved and waved some more. One of the parade band members let him hit this instrument and make a big GONG sound :) And when his cousin was sad that she didn't get a sucker, he gave her his (and he only had two candies :) )GooF's highlight was getting not 1, but 2 FREE t-shirts! He loves free t-shirts. And, we even got to see Uncle Mark and Auntie Jackie who were in the parade!
After it was over, we went to the pool for a free swimming day! Ainsley LOVED the waterslide and the new little friend she made.
I must admit I loved the big waterslides too, and we all enjoyed lounging.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Thank you Michelle for being that friend I can call and say, "My kids and I are hot and crabby from the park. . can we come swim?" And you do more than let us swim. . you fix us lunch, including a plate and drink for me :) I suppose it comes from knowing you since 1st grade, but I love that I can be on my way to your house, realize I don't have makeup on, and think "Michelle won't care!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week in Review

What a sunshiney week it's been! Here is our week in review. . .
One lemonade stand
With 3 princesses
One little girl picking and smelling flowers for daddy
And waiting on the curb to give him flowers and lemonade after work
One day spent taking care of our newest cousin, flippy the fish (aka "Goldie" at our house)
Lookin good in a swimsuit and rollerskates :)And enjoying ice cream cones with sprinkles!
One morning spent at zippity zoo day (the best part was riding the carousel on the horses they named Jockey and Cookie Dough) One set of wrestling bros
And one little man who, while falling asleep, rearranged the letters PORTER above his bed to spell this. . .I sure got the giggles when I went in to pray for him before I went to bed and noticed :)
One day spent taking care of "Cattie the Caterpillar." We took her to a place in town to try and figure out what type of caterpillar she was and what she needed to eat in order to make a cocoon, but we finally, sadly, let Cattie go and decided to catch her again when she's a butterfly.One evening spent watching the Bachelorette, and when everything upstairs was a bit too quiet, we checked and found Porter (aka Ainsley's little SISTER), dressed like this. . .
One little girl whom we're very proud of for sticking with swimming lessons and "passing" (I'm pretty sure everyone in the class did :) )
And finally, one day spent celebrating our daddy and grandpas on Father's Day! On GooF's first Father's Day we gave him, "The Daddy Book" by Todd Parr, and every year since we've made him his very own daddy book with pics of us. Every homeade book ends like the real daddy book with "Our daddy wants us to be WHO WE ARE!" Thank you GooF for being such a committed, playful, strong yet loving, daddy and husband who spends so much time with us and helps our children to learn that we love them for who they are, who God created them to be.
Thanks to the grandpas too for being such wonderful dads, grandpas, and examples to us and our kids! We feel so blessed and we love you!