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Sunday, December 18, 2011

4 kids or 7. . .not much difference

Either way, we were still out numbered. We trade date nights with our good friends. They watched our kids so we could see "Courageous" and today it was their turn to go! I must say, it really felt no different having 7 kids at our house. . .we even got to lay and snuggle on the couch a bit. The big kids just run off and play. Can I say bring on the Mercedes Sprinter? Not quite, but GooF did used to joke in college that I would be driving a conversion van someday :) Here are Ryker (14 months) and Benton (11ish months). Boys, you really have no choice. . .you WILL be friends bc your mommies are. Ryker kindly fed Benton some cheerios :)

It was a beautiful December day. . .the girls changed into many different outfits of Ainsleys and put on some great shows :)

Now, it's off to wrap gifts as all kids are asleep by 8 pm. . ahhh. Tomorrow morning, this is what's for breakfast!

This Sunday Evening at Grammy and Grampas House

Every Sunday evening we go over to my parents. . .a lot of memories have been made with the cousins on Sunday nights. . .plus, it's nice for my sister and I to not have to cook and to catch up! Tonight, we acted out the Baby Jesus story. . .I got to help give out parts, so of course I got to be Mary, GooF got to be Joseph and Ryker got to be baby Jesus :) Ainsley and Taetum were the angels( their flower girl dresses got some more use). Porter took his part as a wise man very seriously with his crown and gift of gold. Trey was a "baaaaing" sheep :) While Bridger was a "sheep dog" ha. Grammy and my sister were shephards, with my sister wearing her daughters little robe :) My dad. . .well, he's a pastor, so any other part in the story I gave him. . .GooF said I gave him all the leftover parts (innkeeper, another wiseman and such). My parents set up the videocamera. . .this one will be a keeper :)

Mary. . .pretending to be pregnant. . .see, I play the part well. . .I've had lots of experience in that area
Baby Jesus in his "manger"

The wise men bringing gifts. . .

Another Sunday evening memory made.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend Festivities. . .

I love the city we live in. There are so very many fun activities to do with your family, from downtown carriage rides (which we will make it to someday!) to decorating cupcakes at the local bakery!

We can't fit them all in, but the kids had a great time today. . .

they enjoyed Peter Pan with Grammy and Grampa and feeding camels at the live nativity.

We still had a little down time at home, enjoying our 14 month old!

As well as our big kids, who have been running off to play together more and more. . .I love me a couple boys in their hoodies ;)

(Yes, he is standing in the fridge. . .boys like to open the fridge door a lot I've learned!)

(and yes, this is how Porter wanted to pose :) Boys are funny, I've also learned )

Porter had his school Christmas program and he did so well (he only needed a little reminder from his teacher as they were lining up to keep his eyes on her. . .as the pics on the right show, his eyes were on the girl next to him before their songs began :) )

I am so thankful this Christmas season, for God's perfect gift, Jesus. For life, for allowing me to be GooF's wife, and mommy to Ainsley, Porter, Trey and Ryker, as we enjoy the Christmas festivities together. Thank you God.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'd like you to meet

"Emma and Emily"

They make me laugh!

Apparently, the "feeties"

got too hot, or so they said :)

And let me just say, Trey is ALL BOY, but he does play oh so very nicely with his sister :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

What little brothers are for. . .

A Peek into our Christmas this Year

"Christmas this Year" by Toby Mac has been blaring loudly while the children dance around. They are counting down the days until Christmas morning with an advent calendar idea I got online at

. . .each day we do something special, from writing a Christmas letter to our Compassion Child, Ivy, to going on a Minivan Express tour of Christmas lights. From acting out the story of baby Jesus, to visiting a live Nativity. From baking gingerbread men to a family game night.

From Nutcracker performances,

to a Singalong at my grandma's nursing home.

From Christmas at Grammy and Grampas house

to pulling kids through the snow on the sled

From baking cookies

to hosting a Cookie Decorating Playgroup at our home

To spending time delighting in our children, as our Heavenly Father delights in us.

A Peek into our "Christmas this year!"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

You know you're raising boys

when your clock looks like this. . . and when your little people nativity

ends up on the floor, and in its place are these. . .

Ah, you too, my littlest man

will soon join your big bros in "redecorating" our home. And I wouldn't have it any other way :)