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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playdoh Bakery

When daddy works from home, he gets to put in an order at the playdoh bakery. .
                                  Lucky for him, these were followed up with some real cookies :)

I love being their mama


When mom's in the kitchen he is nearby, ready to help. . .
 When he wants a ride on daddy's shoulders, he just pats his daddy's head :)

 He likes everything his big sibs like. . .

 Every morning, and every day when he wakes from nap, he goes to the cupboard and pulls out the cocoa pebbles.  Then he says "poon" for spoon and points to the fridge for milk.  He also sings "la la la la la" when he wants his Elmo "poon" :)  He feeds himself like a pro, and laps up the milk like his daddy. . .

His other fav food. . .cottage cheese

He loves cars and trucks, and things that go :)  These pictures capture the sounds he makes while he drives them around. . .love the lips. . .
                                         Trucks at Grammy's. . . 
Along with making sounds, he can often be found lining up his trucks :) 
Reminds me of his big sis lining up all her Little People. . .

Lil Gymnasts

Gymnastics time after Sunday night supper at Grammy and Grampas. . .Ainsley is doing gymnastics wherever she can these days, be it our basement, lawn or Grammy's living room :)

Oliver's Baptism

It was a joy to be a part of our nephews baptism day. . .

                              We pray that Oliver may continue to grow to know and love Jesus!
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Ryker confessing his sins after the service :)

Back at their house, Oliver fell asleep on my shoulder :)

                                                                          Cousins. . .
                                                  Ryker konked out. . .he snoozes wherever :)

The big kids had a great time in Uncle Marks garage.  Then they went on a walk with GooF n Mark, and when they came back inside after, I said, "you smell. . .like outside". . .Porter said, "that's because we were in the sewer."  And they had been. . .

Celebrating 7 years!

We celebrated Porter's 7th Birthday in the cities!
The ride there was smooth sailing, thanks to an ipod, dsi, and 3ds :)  Our kids are growing up, and I no longer have to read this certain girlie "Ten Little Ladybugs" over and over and over again on road trips ;)
Our first stop was to the Mall of America, and then it was to Auntie Jens and Uncle Jeds house.  On Porter's birthday we headed to the Childrens Museum.  Which, btw, I thought would be empty bc MN kids were still in school. . .I was wrong. . .MN kids were on field trips to the Childrens Museum :)  We opted to hit up the free Como Zoo and do the Childrens Museum after it cleared out some. 

          The zoo was nice.  And did I mention free? :)    All of the animals are pretty close together, so you don't have to walk far to see them all. 

                          Then, it was back to the museum. . .we cheered as the buses rolled away ;)

                                                   The next day we were off to Valleyfair!

                                As you can see by the kids expressions, they love it there!

                                                                     Break for dip n dots :)

Ryker was tuckered out after an exciting morning, riding his first rollercoaster and such!

Ah, vacation. . .a great break from daily household tasks, spending time enjoying family!

Remember earlier when I said they love Valleyfair.  Well, they do, except for this one very big thing. . .
the white rollercoaster.  The same smart mama that thought the Childrens Museum would be empty, thought wrong about this one ;)

Other than that one ride, we had a great weekend celebrating Porter's 7th birthday!
 And celebrating the gift of family!
Thanks Jen and Jed for hosting us!!