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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who knew. . .

. . .a garbage can could be so fun?

We went to a new pool in town with a lazy river. Am pretty sure me getting out of the double intertube after Ainsley and Porter got off one side of it was the highlight of our evening. Let's just say I was in a swimsuit, not the only one laughing, and not very graceful. It was actually really busy there and may be more fun as our kids get older?! But the boys sure had fun running around a garbage can :)
Oooh. And Trey licking the gum off the cement was another memorable (and gross) moment that evening.

Big brother. . .little brother. . .

Some evenings we prefer to just have a waterpark in our own backyard. . .

Who needs toys when we have a garbage can to run around and a bucket for our head?! :)

Teapot Days Parade

We were a little disappointed this yr. . .there was no free Pizza Ranch Pizza, free Mt. Dew or free t-shirts, but we still had a great time with friends and family!Porter lookin pretty cute. . . sittin in his lawnchair. . .watchin the parade go by. . .
Then we headed out for free swimming at the Tea swimming pool!

GooF and I also got a date night for his 30th Birthday. Ainsley had a sleepover at Taetums and the boys had a sleepover at my parents. Porter was so excited to "fall asleep with Grandpa in the rockabye chair!" My parents took him gocart racing and to hy-vee for breakfast too :) For our date night we went out to eat, to the waterslides, and to a Canaries baseball game! It was a beautiful evening and fine company I might add :) GooF said the best date since college. I'm already ready for another one!!! Happy Birthday GooF. . .am glad "we've still got it. . after all these years."

Camping. . .part 4

On day 3 we watched the storm blow through and swam some more. Then we picked up lunch at Tastee Treat and ate on Gramma's lawn.
Goodbye cabin. . .til next yr. Back to the comforts of our own home. . .including baths for all!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Camping. . .part 3

or alternately titled, "Swimming in the lake"

Their favorite part was when dad took them out to the buoys!!

Miss Ainsley who was so excited to go camping, she saved all her new clothes and shoes for the trip. . .

Porter. . .who asked me, just today, when we get to go camping again. . .And Trey. . .who woke up on day 2 and the first thing out of his mouth was "go camping." It looks as if he made this rock grow by watering it. . .

Heading back to the cabin. . .

GooF would have titled this post, "Disgusting" I'm sure. He thinks disgusting pretty much sums up camping :)

Camping. . .part 2

or otherwise titled, "Fishing and the Lost Key." We woke up on day 2 of camping and DROVE to the shower house. I felt like such a mom, showering while camping. I can't forget to mention that Trey got to fall asleep in my arms that first night. . .he snuggled in and said, "love you mommy."

Back to day 2. I DROVE us back from the shower house, I think I set the key on the table in the cabin, and then I started loading the van for fishing. When we went to start the van, the key was no where to be found. We looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Took everything out of the van. Took everthing out of the cabin and went through bags. Went through the garbage can, the cooler, the beach toys, etc. Did I mention we went through the van again? We retraced our steps. We looked through the cracks in the deck of the cabin. We prayed. We called on my dad to pray. I'm not Catholic, but I even tried praying to the saint that's supposed to help you find lost things. It didn't work. The van key was lost and it still is. We had a certain fisherman that was very excited to go fishing, so we just rode in Grampa Seths pickup. And off he went. . .

It was really fun to see the kids excitement when they caught their first fish! And each fish caught after that was just as exciting! GooF caught a good 4 in whopper, which was the biggest catch of the day :) A real fisherman. . .

Look how cute he is. . .we just had to forgive him for causing a ruckus in the tent the night before :)

Ainsley's first fish. . .

Thanks for putting the worms on, Grampa Seth!

The fish that were caught. . . "why can't we keep them and eat them?". . .
Note to self: Bring an extra set of keys on vacation. Thank my husband for not getting angry with me easily. Thank my mom for driving the keys (an hour and a half drive) to us and helping with the kids while we had to get our van jump started. And that concludes camping. . .part 2.

Thanks Gramma and Grampa for taking us on our first fishing trip!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lemonade for sale

Porter wanted to buy a new toy that costs 15 dollars, so he set out to have a lemonade stand this morning. Business was not great, so when Grammy showed up he wanted to charge her 15 dollars for a cup of lemonade. Grammy did generously pay more than 50 cents for her cup :)

"It's My Birthday!"

Those are the words that have made me smile as I've heard them countless times today from my now 30 yr old husband. Those are also the words he used to label his cup at the party :) Funny story. . so, every night at the dinner table we all share the best and worst parts of our day. At breakfast I asked the kids to share the best thing about daddy. Sure enough when we were done sharing the best things, Porter said, "Now let's share the worst things about daddy." Happy 30th Birthday GooF! (just in case you're wondering, he still loves free tshirts :). . . .)

We celebrated by having Matt, Michelle and kids over for grillin, chillin, and tball. . .the party just ended at 10:15. . .

One other funny story. So, we were all watching Trey go down the slip n slide in just his diaper, waiting for it to get so full of water that it fell off. He wanted Michelle to pick him up, soggy diaper and all, and get him some more iced tea. So, as he sat on Michelle's lap, I started to take the soggy diaper off him, when I realized it was not only wet, but poopy! Laughter abounds. . .so do baths at our house. . .am thankful for their friendship!!!