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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tonight Ryker, you woke up and started crying and I got to come and pick you up. You nursed and fell asleep in my arms. I got to comfort you. I said to your daddy, "I just love having baby Ryker. Thank you for my baby." I'm thankful you are my son. I picked you up and you smelled like baby. Your cheeks that I kissed were baby soft. You felt all snuggly in your sleeper and blankie. I just love you! And if the look in your eyes and the smile on your face when you see me says anything, you love me right back! love, mommy

PS I am a night owl, not a morning person. . .so in the wee morning hours, daddy will get to snuggle you :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

My friend wanted a family photo with grandparents for a local website, so we were happy to have one taken! and then Porter left the 103 degree heat for the AC

Monday, July 18, 2011


"Hey guys, Ryker here. I will be guest blogging for my mommy. The topic? Camping. You see, I'm only 9 mo, but I'm well travelled! I've been down to Missouri, over to Colorado, up to MN, and last wknd we went to the lake because my big sis was at a church camp on the lake. My smart mom thought us boys would want to camp too, so she got us a cabin at the State Park. But this here picture of my dad was right before he got bugs in his shorts. . .

and these here pictures are of my biggest bro hanging out on an intertube my parents got on their honeymoon. .

and me, I love the water. I splash, splash, splash!!

There was a lot of playing with/throwing rocks!

And my big bros laughed and laughed as the boats made big waves for them!!

My dada is the best creature spotter around and caught a toad!

Looks like fun, right? Well, the water was. But the heat was not. Here my daddy and brother were trying to start a fire. Our firepit was right out in the sunshine and all around it was cotton from a cottonwood tree. The cotton stuck to our wet feet and our flip flops were just covered in cotton! It looked like snow around our cabin! They did get a fire going for smores, but not until after we went into a town for supper :) Yep, you heard right. My parents decided to forget the hotdogs and instead take us to an air conditioned restaurant. I went with no shirt. Everyone thought I was so cute, but my parents felt like we were a tad 'underdressed.'

My parents say it was a "memorable" camping trip. . .a dirty, sweaty, sleep deprived one. Me? I just wanted to be able to crawl, and there was really no good place to do that with the cotton and all. My mommy took me on a long walk and it brought back lots of memories for her of camping when she was little. . .bike rides, the sounds on the lake, the chatter from campers, singing around the fire, the yummy food over the fire. But, we just might be more of a day trip family at State Parks at this point in the summer. Sunday morning we went to the church camp service since Ainsley was singing up front. My big sis had a BLAST at camp. She was tired, but wanted to stay longer. She jumped off a (nonmoving) speed boat, canoed, and learned so much about 'thankfulness' and Jesus. I'm sure there will be many more years of church camp to come!" Ryker


July at our home means summertime smiles,

sandy swimming trunks,

playdates in the sun,

spray parks,

and sweet sunkissed skin

It also means hours spent at the pool, cranking up the VBS songs in the van, and ice cream treats. But my camera isn't always handy when I'm watching four kids at the pool, driving, or wiping icecream off four faces :)

Girls Trip

Also known as the "American Girl" trip this year! Our destination? The American Girl store. Auntie Jenny lives near one, so she hosted us this year. When we arrived at her home, it didn't take long before the girls were in her dress up clothes. . .

Saturday morning we went to the Farmers Market for the morning. . .what a FUN atmosphere!! Then it was to the American Girl store, where we were going to have them stop and take a picture in front of it, but they just ran right in :) The American Girl bistro was definitely a highlight of the trip! Kit and Kanani were served little glasses of strawberry lemonade and mini desserts. So fun!
I looked at this table of ladies and just felt so blessed to call them my sisters/mom/daughter/niece/ friends! Yes, the nursing babe was along too :)

People would look at Ainsley and say "Kit!" She loved dressing the part :)
The next day we spent time shopping /eating at IKEA! (matching dresses Grammy made for the girls and their dolls)
I came home feeling so refreshed! Maybe it was all the sleep we got or all the help I had with baby Ryker or all the girl chat. I also came home feeling very thankful for the women in my life!

Friday, July 15, 2011

9 months in a nutshell

Sweet little Ryker, today you are 9 mo old!! You discovered today that you can crawl to get where you want! You light up our days with your giggles! You babble alot, saying, "dadadada" and in the middle of the day today you started waving and saying "dada". . .I think you were ready for daddy to come home. So was I :)

Happy 9 mo our bundle of boy! To celebrate, you got your first sip of apple juice and a container to put your fruit/veggie puffs in :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I used to always leave notes in GooFs lunch box. . aka tackle box. Ainsley has now taken over :) What a sweetie. We sure do love you GooF, and appreciate all that you do to provide for our family!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I had great intentions of blogging about day 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the vacation, but not sure it's gonna happen right now :) Am soaking in the sunshine, in His presence, in friendships and family and my marriage. Leaving little time for blogging.