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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lil Boys love their Mamas

Best part of my day. . .seeing my littlest guy run across the yard to me, so very proudly, with a huge smile, and a fresh picked daisy in his hand for his mommy

Church Camp

These girls were counting down the days and hours til church camp!  It was finally time to pick them up and go!  The drivers made a quick stop for frappucinos :)   After settling in to our cabin, etc, it was waterfront time!  They were the first ones in :)

 See that inflatable launcher thing out there?  I was launched. . .for the love of my niece :)  She wanted to be launched, so I climbed up the inflatable climbing wall on the back after her. . .when we got to the top, she decided to take the slide down.  Me?  I went to the launch pad :)  And let me just say, it's a lot bigger than it appears in the picture.  My niece gave me a 3.5 on my launch efforts.  Nice :) 
 Of course, there was singing around the campfire at sunset and smores

 And "super peanut stories"  in the cabin :)
 The girls were so sweet and included another little girl from our cabin who hadn't come with any girlfriends.  She also joined in on our morning "hair salon" :)  Ainsley and Taetum, ready for a day of singing, tire swinging, camp store, boating, games,
 and of course, crafts!

I am so thankful I got to spend time at church camp with these girls, as they grew in their relationships with each other, and most importantly, God!

The "shephards" and their sheep :)

 Thank you God, for these girls. . . may they always know how very much you love them!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Campers

                      Setting up camp. . . and then we were off to the beach!

I grew up camping a lot, and was so excited when we arrived at our cabin (my type of camping)!  It's so relaxing, peaceful and beautiful soaking up God's creations!
There was plenty of fun in the sand. . .

and the big kids loved going out to the buoys with daddy. . .

GooF had fun snapping photos of me ;)

Gramma and Grampa came out and took the kids on a boat ride. . .
Ryker got a little ride, and then spent time with daddy, learning important lessons about breaking wood for the campfire. . .

Ryker enjoying a camping meal. . .
Porter got the sickness that the other kids had the week before, and he couldn't swallow any of this yummy food. . thus, a trip to the nearby clinic for med, and a stop for malts.
Visiting beach number 2 or 3 :)

Fun with fire and sticks. . .

Fun with her bitty baby. . .

Heading back to one of our fav beaches. . .

It had a big hill, great for huge leaps. . .

The kids (and their daddy) had a blast jumping, tumbling, cartwheeling, scooting, rolling down it :)
GooF got a hold of the camera again and took some more pics of his bride ;)  After teasing about his not very big fire, he built me one so hot I couldnt get near it for roasting ;)

Cracking up over Ryker eating a dirty, cold, hot dog. . .
The mom relaxing at the park. . .
and wondering when her kids got so big?!  Wish you would have felt better Porter man :(
And then it was back to the beach.  See a pattern here?  We spent the majority of the time in the sand and water.  We were there at 8:20 am one morning :)

Thankful for a few days of fun, family togetherness and lots of laughs!

I have many more photos of these happy campers, but there's packing for church camp to do. . .thank you God for the many blessings in our life!