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Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Picken'

After two nights of camping, GooF getting 4 hrs of sleep due to tent sleeping and a storm, lots of playing at the beach, swimming in a lake, toasting marshamallows, fishing, boating, roasting hotdogs, playing at the park, one feverish child w/a nasty poopy, childrens tylenol giving, bike riding, sitting up by the fire after the kids were in bed, etc, our "Happy Campers" were still actually happy! So, after loading up the van and stopping at Gramma and Grampas, we made one more stop to do something with the kids that I have always wanted to do. . .Strawberry Picken!!

Trey's container was empty most of the time. . . I wonder why? :)

He did manage to drop in a few. . . Porter, on the other hand, didn't like to eat them, so picked them for Gramma Becky. . .

The girls loved it! (Trey snackin on strawberries again :) )

GooF laughed so hard at the goats that would eat anything :)
Ready to head home after a fun-filled campin trip and strawberry picken!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We picked up dinner and headed to the duck park while on our camping trip!

Happy Campers

While camping last week, the kids got to go fishing with Grampa Seth. As Trey would say proudly, "My Grandpa Seth is a Fisherman!"

Practicing. . .
Each kid caught a fish off the dock!
Trey's big catch. . .

Porter's big catch. . ."let's take it home and eat it!"

Ainsley's big catch. . .a little concerned about the worm on the hook :)

Wonder what Trey is thinking. . .maybe wondering how the big one got away?

The kids also got a boat ride! Porter, interested in how all things work. . .
he LOVED the boat ride!

Our "happy campers"