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Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or imagine. . ."

On Wednesday, as we were at 411 pieces I asked my Bible Study girls to pray, as we were getting so close to 500!  Thursday, we went to the mailbox and the first envelope we opened took us over our 500 pieces!  Thank you, to each an every one of you, for supporting us in this way! 

The above verse immediately came to mind.  It's found in Ephesians, a book whose purpose was to "strengthen the faith of believers by explaining the purpose of the church-the body of Christ."
We are so grateful for the body of Christ! 

Ainsley added the last piece :) 
I'll post a few more when it's framed and finished :) 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Photos 2014

It's that time of year, when we hit the parks and they are swarming with photographers and fancily clad families posing for Christmas card photos.  The weather was gorgeous and the lighting was perfect the other night and our boys started posing ;)
Christmas card worthy?  Probably not. . .
but they sure had fun posing. . .
 Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like posing with a frog ;)
I think they were just glad it wasn't really their turn, and that they were already done with our annual family photo session!  One of my dear friends and mentors took our photos this year. . .

 Ainsley Brielle. . age 10

Porter William. . .age 9

 Trey Coleman. . .age 7

Ryker Matthew. . .almost 4 in this pic :) 

And as an almost 4 year old, he wanted to stand in front of us for this pic ;) 

GooF. . .age 35 lol

13 years of marriage. . .
62 years of marriage to go :) 
And just for fun. . .
Guess who picked this pose?  He saw this pic today and said "That is awesome!"  Glad he liked how it turned out :) 

 Next time we head to the Falls, I'm sure we'll be a lot less matchy, but Ryan said the photo session wasn't actually too bad ;) 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

406 pieces down. . .94 pieces to go!!

Checking the mailbox, reading your encouraging notes, and adding pieces to our puzzle has become the highlight of the day!  Thank you for your continued donations! 

Yesterday. . .

Today, hitting over 400. . .

 These kids can't wait to add a little one to our family! 


Sunday, October 19, 2014

353 down. . .147 to go!!

Here's some pics of our puzzle coming together this weekend!

6 days left in our puzzle fundraiser, and God has been working on my heart in ways I didn't expect. . .am humbled by your generosity and encouraged to be more generous, even if I don't feel like I can give much.   It makes a difference. 
Last Sunday, as our worship team at church led us in the song "Overwhelmed" by Big Daddy Weave
I was overwhelmed by all that God is and all that He's done.  Thank you for your overwhelming support! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Ryker!  I am so grateful to be your mommy!  Your laugh is the best I've ever heard and you snuggle like none other!  I love you and thank God for you! 
love, mommy

Our home team

In one of Shauna Niequist's books she talks about our "Home Team". . .our "go to" people.  With each donation and note of encouragement, we are so grateful to have you on our "home team." 

Our puzzle piece count is up to 65!  That's $650, and with our matching grant, $1300 towards our adoption!   

The back is looking so neat, with each family's name written in a different color on the puzzle pieces.  It is such a great reminder of all who have been on our team throughout our life. . .friends we met in college, friends we met as newlyweds, family members, our church family, etc and this weekend we got to add a piece in honor of Ryan's grandpa Frank. . .a man who loved us well! 


Thanks for being on our home team! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Puzzle Update. . .

Thanks so much for the donations!  We are at $250, and with our matching grant $500!  When the first donation arrived, it brought me to tears. . .your generosity is so appreciated and we are so thankful for the body of Christ!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A "Piece of our Puzzle"

 Ryan and I, as well as our children, are so excited to be adding to our family through domestic adoption!  We were recently awarded a matching funds grant through Hand in Hand Christian Adoption Inc, to help with the expenses of our adoption!  In conjunction with this matching grant, we are doing a "Puzzle Fundraiser" and we need. . . .


We have a beautiful 500 piece puzzle that, when put together, will hang in our child's room with clear glass on the front and back.  For every 10 dollars that you donate, we will put your name on the back of a puzzle piece and add it to the puzzle.  As the names are added, and the puzzle comes together, we will be posting pictures on our blog :) 
Thanks so much to Julie Chen, with, for the lovely design on our puzzle! 
Want to hear the super fun part?  There are PERKS for different amounts donated :)  
$30:  Your name on the back of 3 puzzle pieces AND we will add you to the list of people we email/text a picture to first of us with our new little one!
$50:  Your name on the back of 5 puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, AND a thanks for donating bookmark created by Ainsley!
$70:  Your name on 7 puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, a bookmark, AND a magnet that has a picture of our puzzle on it!  We'd love for you to hang it on your fridge and pray for us when you see it!
$100:  Your name on 10 puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, a bookmark, a magnet, AND guaranteed Christmas letter/picture from our family for the next 5 years!
$200 or more:  Your name on 20 or more puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, a bookmark, magnet, Christmas cards, AND an invite to a grilled hot dog feed at our home after our child arrives!! 
*You can specify what names you'd like us to write on the puzzle pieces
If you do not receive a letter from us with more details, and would like to support us in this way, please email us at
 and we will send you one, as we would love for you to be a "Piece of our Puzzle!" 
This matching grant puzzle fundraiser goes until October 25th!  Feel free to spread the word!  Thanks for your support and prayers :)  Check back to watch the puzzle come together!

Apple Orchard 2014

 One of my favorite things about Fall is hitting the apple orchard. . it's even more fun with cousins and Grammy and Grampa! 
                                                                  Ready to Ride!
Hittin the Hay Bales!

                                                        Gettin a lift from dad. . .

Sippin Cider while the kids rode the train. . .

And last but not least, baking apple pie when we got home :)  Ryan was laughing as he heard me telling Ainsley about the very difficult pie crust recipe I use. . .I learned it from my mom and I'm passing it on to our children. . . it's called Pappy's Pie Crust ;)