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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Kid Loves Shoes.

Just Sayin. The kid loves shoes. He brings us his shoes and sits down for us to put them on him. He brings us our shoes all the time too. I think because he wants to go outside?! He looks ready to go outside to me :)

Being the Big Sister

Sometimes it is a lot of work, and you do it smashingly Miss Ainsley Brielle! You not only care for many dolls, but you keep your brothers stylin,

play outside with them,

and teach them well!

Thank you!

In true 8 yr old girl fashion. . .

I enjoy having a houseful of kids. Friday after school we picked up Ainsley's friends. . .they enjoyed icecream sundaes with all the fixins and then changed into Ainsley's swimsuits/skirts to play gymnastics :) This is true 8 yr old fun. . .


I am married to an amazing man, and I am thankful!

I love you too Porter!

Learning Through Play

"The Snowy Day"

"He walked with his toes pointing in like this. He walked with his toes pointing out like that"


Bakery Hopping

or Tour De Bakeries, or whatever you shall call it. We did it. It all started at Oh My Cupcakes. My oldest sister loves cupcakes, so we headed downtown for a girls afternoon. Now, I love the pb cupcakes and the lemon cupcakes there, but when we started talking red velvet, I said where we really needed to go was Queen City Bakery (thanks Annie :) ). Seriously, the best red velvet cake I've ever eatin. I might just have started eating my piece (that I got "to go" since i'd just had a cupcake) with my fingers on the ride home. Maybe.

While there, we started talking about a Spanish Bakery nearby where my sister wanted to try their Tres Leches cake. Ainsley came into the bakery saying "Aloha, I mean, Hola" :) We don't do spanish at homeschool. After paying quite a bit for a slice of redvelvet (it was worth every penny and ww point i might add) my sister asked for 4 pieces of tres leches cake and we were expecting it to be 16 dollars or so. . .nope. . it came to about the same price as one piece of red velvet :) so this bakery had the best prices. . .

Adios! Some of my sisters goodies actually made it home (unlike much of mine that was finger lickin in the minivan good :) ) And there you have it. . .

The spread. Did I mention my sister is at her goal weight for weight watchers? And I have 4.8 lbs to go. . .thankfully my mom made us 0 pt soup today :) Did I mention coolwhip is 0 pts? If you eat 2 Tbs that is. The whole big container is 12 pts. Not that I'd scoop up tons of coolwhip with bananas, thinking it's 0 pts or anything. I hear pickles are 0 pts. . .they might be my new treat. Next time my oldest sister is here, it will be Frozen Yogurt Hopping. Get ready Cherry Berry and Peach Wave!

Sweet lil Ryker

The little things. I took you on a stroller ride to Grammy and Grampas this weekend Ryker, and I just soaked you up. The way your baby blonde hair was blowin in the wind. You are such a sweetie :) Growing up, I always looked forward to a new spring outfit in my Easter Basket. Since Auntie Jenny, Uncle Jed, and thier dogs were back this wknd , we celebrated Easter a little early. You got a new puppy dog outfit in your basket and in fact, you have worn it two days in a row. You love it!
Here's you in your puppy outfit with Grammy and Grampa. . .Grammy took you on the porch swing while we rounded up the troops. . . and Grampa made you smile. . .

Sweet lil Ryker.