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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week at a Glance

A week ago as we were leaving the surgical center and Ainsley's anesthetic was wearing off, she said, "I can walk but I'm not quite ready to do cartwheels yet." :) Ainsley's enamel on her teeth did not calcify in utero, so she needed dental work done. Tues morning as we arrived at the surgical center, she was very excited to get a pretty hospital "bracelet," and she looked mighty cute in her tiny scrubs. The pudding and popsicles in the recovery room were also quite a treat! Thank you to those of you praying. . .they said she was so cooperative and the only ones who got tears in their eyes were GooF and I :) There were numerous times Tues morning that I felt God's presence, and watching Ainsley understand that she can talk to God even when she can't talk to mommy gave me such peace. As we read her nightly devotions for preschoolers book, the verse for Tues was "I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me." I love how God does that! And that leads me to. . .pink eye!

Ainsley got pink eye and passed it on to Porter who said "I don't have pink eye, I have BLUE eye!" Thus I took my first trip to the doctor by myself with 3 kids! The kids were unbelievabley good. . .they sat on the floor and listened to the doctor, just like mommy told them to. The rest of the week was spent giving them eye drops, Trey a steroid and Porter cough med. . .and using Clorox Anywhere Everywhere!

The highlight of our week was finding out daddy passed his qualifier!!!! We're proud of you GooF! Of course, since he passed his big test, it was reason enough for Ainsley to have a party, so she set out the "You are Special" plate for daddy, and he came home to us parading up the stairs with musical instruments :)
In other news, Ainsley has been sitting at the table for hours writing words. . .it is so fun to watch her! Porter has been loving on his girls. . .he pats my back when he hugs me, and when his cousin Taetum said her daddy was going to be gone for 5 days he said, "I will take care of you Taetum!" Trey is busy rolling across the room, eating all kinds of baby food, and belly laughing!

Ainsley and I did get out on a stroller ride through the puddles with our babies. . she definitely has her own fashion sense :) Speaking of which, she and I also got out to do some shopping and I must say, I love having a little girlfriend to shop with! She got some spring capris, headbands, a yellow Eater dress and flip flops of course!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


My little men watching "Tonka Joe!"
Trey had a doc appt. . .weighed in at 17lb 8 oz and 26 1/4 in. 50% for both height and weight. . .and the nurse thought his eyelashes were gorgeous :)

Wild Weekend

Our weekend started early Fri morning, with Porter waking up sick. Too many Valentine goodies?! Anyway, Ainsley drew him the cutest Get Well Picture and hung it up for him, so had to post a pic of it. Saturday morning, Ainsley and her cousin Taetum got fitted for Flower Girl dresses for Auntie Jenny's wedding! She gave them the cutest, funniest book, "The Little Flower Girl." Then my niece Taetum, had a pool party. The kids were so excited on the way there they were saying, "We smell the pool!" Both kids went down the big waterslide with daddy!! Ainsley got to go on the best daddy date ever this weekend and before her nap she asked if I'd put her hair in a bun so she'd wake up with curly hair for her date :) She even picked out daddy's shirt! Oh, and the pic of my very helpful husband holding 3 kids I just had to post. When I was pregnant with Trey, you could often times find him holding one kid in each arm and people would ask, "what will you do when you have 3?" Now you know!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Face

You've got the cutest little baby face Trey! And the cutest dimples in your hand and wrist rolls :) Two of his favorite activities are EATING and TUBBY TIME!

My little party planner

Miss Ainsley came up with the idea of a Valentines Party, and I love to host parties, so agreed that it was a great idea! She had fun using glitter and stickers and cutting out hearts to make her invitations. She chose, "Duck Duck Heart Goose," and Love Bingo for her games and the girls decorated lip shape purses! What a fun morning you planned Miss Ainsley!
Happy Valentines Day! Being a bride and mommy is what I've looked forward to since I was a little girl, and I love you!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Boy oh Boy

As sweet as Porter can be, he can also make quite a mess (see pic), and he can throw quite a fit. . . In typical 2 yr old fashion, he threw a fit last night as we were leaving my parents, and after a tense ride home he felt so bad about it. . .he called them and between sobs said, "Grammy, I'm sorry. I will use my big boy words," followed by more sobs. Of course they told him they loved him. I was in tears watching how much remorse he felt and it reminded me of our Father, God, who must also feel for us when we make mistakes and so glad when we come to him for forgiveness. Just my daily lesson from my typical 2 yr old :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top 10 weekend

Since it is NOT a top 10 weekend outside, I thought I'd come up with the top 10 things that have made me smile this weekend. . .

  1. After our date Fri night, I leaned in for a kiss from GooF, and he dipped me, lost his balance, and we landed in a snowbank. . . . we were laughing pretty hard!
  2. Hearing Ainsley recite "Runaway Bunny" word for word to Porter!
  3. Listening at the door as Ainsley sang lullabies to Porter in bed. "Just one more song," she said and sang "Jesus loves me."
  4. Swimsuit shopping with Ainsley and Grammy, and seeing her pick out a swimsuit with sleeves :) I talked her into a cute one, but she made me giggle.
  5. Ainsley picking out a "fold down" (collared) dress at the store since daddy wears "fold down" shirts.
  6. Listening to Ryan laugh so hard during "Charlie Brown and the Valentine" when Charlie Brown gets his shirt stuck in the pencil sharpener :) He's still laughing about that one! The kids looking forward to the movie night after tubbies!
  7. Seeing Ainsley get kisses in the snow from her daddy!
  8. Ainsley realizing her shoes are too small and asking what little girl we could give them to. . . . .I admire how she and her daddy are so giving!
  9. The smell of chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and how the last of the dough is always made into a heart shaped cookie
  10. Trey and everything about him. . .his chubby "puffy" cheeks, his giggles, his baby smell, his rolls!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a steal!

ok, so after a day of PLAYING grocery store with the kids, I needed to go grocery shopping for real to get cereal on sale (4 boxes for $6.00)! After checking out, I noticed I got a coupon for 2.00 off if I bought 5 more boxes! I was so excited, but it gets even better. I got home and the kids opened up the boxes, and there were toy cars inside the boxes!!!! Plus, I got a coupon for 50 BONUS Boxtops for education. To make my grocery shopping even better, the sweet church nursery workers watched Trey for me while I ran to the store, so I got to shop by myself and I can't believe how refreshed I was after my 30 minutes of GLEEFUL Grocery Shopping!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adventures in Imagination

During these winter months, I am amazed at how creative the kids are when they play. This morning, they packed up their sleeping bags, took them into the kitchen "aka campground," and proceeded to build a fire with straws, and roast mini marshmallows on toothpicks. They even blew on their marshmallows to "cool them" before eating them. Their camping trip was complete by singing "Kum Ba Yah :)" By the end of the camping trip I was exhausted and much more appreciative of all the work my parents did when they took us on real camping trips as kids. . .esp those campfire breakfasts!

Happy 6 months!

Trey Coleman, also pronounced, "Fray Toeman" by Porter is 6 months old today! When he woke up this morning, the kids knew it was his half birthday. . .they looked at him, and said, "He's so big!"

A few of their comments in his first 6 months have been, "His big toe fits in my nose!" "Where was Trey before your tummy? Maybe with God because he always gives us things, or maybe with Santa." "Milk him mommy. . .Trey's like a cow!" "I know, I know, I'm here for you," "Mommy, I tiptoed in Trey's room, peeked and he opened his eyes!" (Yeah, right). And best of all, "I love Trey and Trey loves me!"

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lookin up to you

The other day Ainsley said, "Trey can't take his eyes off me!" I love how Trey is totally entertained watching his big siblings!

Around the block

Today we took the kids for a snowy walk around the block. I think bundling everyone up took longer than our actual walk!