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Monday, October 6, 2008


One of my favorite things I've read on blogs lately are called NOT ME'S! I'll demonstrate with some of my own NOT ME moments. . .

I did NOT let my youngest son stick his hand in the neighbors dog poop. . NOT ME! I most certainly did NOT leave the dog poop there when I saw it the day before and I for sure would NOT let him out of my sight for an instant when I knew he was near that dog poop. . NOT ME!!!
I did NOT spill paint when I was painting GooFs office. I most certainly would NOT ever paint before laying plastic down, and I DID NOT have to call my dad to come help me and bring me stain remover/rags etc! And speaking of my heroic dad, I DID NOT ever forget to bring a bra along to highschool when wearing my show choir dress and my dad most certainly DID NOT bring me a bra to the school office in a brown bag. NOT ME!!!!!
And I did NOT and would NOT ever allow my children to engage in such dangerous behavior. . .
that is. . without wearing helmets! NOT ME!!!!
I did NOT grab my camera when my little guy was crying (check out those arm/back muscles)
NOT ME!!! And speaking of Trey, I most certainly would not nurse this babe whenever he wanted even though I'm trying to wean him! NOT ME! His favorite word now is not UH OH. Not Trey!

You get the picture:)

Last night I went to bed (after reading some of the book "How to really love your child")determined to fill up my children's emotional tanks today! It's the book my parents read when raising us, and has some really good points. . .one being, only if a childs emotional tank is full, can he be expected to be at his best. The first step is eye contact. . and speaking of that, I DID NOT just say Uh huh to my children this week instead of giving them my complete and full attention and eye contact :) NOT ME! We spent the morning painting and making fun shape pancakes. . .

And Miss Ainsley and I sharing some girlie time. . .She did an impression of me to her daddy the other day, "Mommy says, 'Oh, I can't believe my baby's turning five. You were my first baby. You made me a mommy. Will you still be my baby when you're five?!' " I WOULD NOT SAY THAT!! NOT ME!! OK, I get the hint. I better let her grow up :)

OK, I have one more NOT ME of the day. I would never watch 4 children 4 and under. NOT ME! And I for sure would not let those four children eat chips and carrot sticks for breakfast after packing them in Uncle GooFs lunch. NOT ME!!!!

Go ahead. Share a NOT ME story with me!

Update: I did NOT just take Trey's clothes and diaper off in the kitchen after giving him a haircut. And he most certainly did NOT pee all over the floor and LAUGH! And I would never even think of blogging about it before cleaning it up! NOT ME! I DID just give him a tubby and he does smell nice though now :)

This is beginning to remind me of those NOT t-shirts. Remember those? But I never wore one. . not me :)


Megan said...

those pictures of your littlest guy are so cute!


CycloneMomma said...

I read that book with our small group in Illinois...definitely a good read!

I did NOT tape 2 hours of Nick Jr. while we were at school this morning, so that I could read in peace for 2 hours this afternoon while Isaac, NOT me!

Bethany said...

Emily, That is the most semi-sarcastic I think I have ever heard you be and it was hilarious! I will have to do a whole "not me" post sometime.
You should also check out the 5 love languages of children by Gary Chapman. I have only read the original book but after hearing him speak at convention I am definitely going to read it. And one final question: Where was your husband when you were painting his office?!?!?!

Flip-flop Mama said...

My husbands sarcastic sense of humor must be rubbing off on me :)He was watching 3 kids while I painted! I do like the 5 love languages books. . .Now send me some more words of encouragement :) You got to hear him speak?!!!