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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our week in photos. . .

I like that the neighborhood kids gather at our home. . .I felt like such a mom this wk feeding them cookies and getting them apple slices so they could "catch fruit flies."

Porter. . .just being neighborly :)

All things girly. . .

We had some very excited little girls today to be going to Hannah Montana at the movie theatre . . .Ainsley and Taetum. . .I hope someday you look back at this photo with fond memories. Just so you know Ainsley, you dressed yourself :) I think Hannah Montana would appreciate your fashion sense!!!!
And that bow in your hair Taetum! You are two very FANCY GIRLS!

I had fun sitting by my sister. . .being a 5th grade teacher and all, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to Hannah Montana :)

What a fun afternoon out with the girls! My favorite comment was when Taetum asked, "Why is she taking a MUD bath?!"

Rain, Rain, Rain!

One of my favorite memories with our neighbor girls in NE, was playing in the rain. They taught Ainsley, then 17 months old, how to say, "rain, rain, rain, rain," as they ran around in the rain! The kids were just as excited to play in the rain this wknd. . .Ainsley and Trey joining Porter on the steps. . they wouldn't want him to have to sit in time-out alone, now would they!Enjoying our first watermelon of the spring. . .Everytime we get ready to go outside, Trey looks at my bare feet and says, "flip flops." I teach them young :)

Mostly, me and my flip flops are behind the camera, but every once in awhile I'm in a picture.
Mom laying on the floor or grass = pile on

The Thrill of Speed. . .and then some. . .

When I see a rummage sale sign my van just kind of turns to follow it. As I was driving by one the other day, Porter saw a big wheels, and spent his 5 dollars from Gramma Milly on it. . .I asked GooF what it is about boys and riding things with wheels. He said, "It's the thrill of speed." There you have it. And now is when I start praying for him as a 16 yr old boy :)I love watching him go up to the top of driveways and pedal downhill as fast as he can before sharply turning onto the sidewalk. I recall the first time daddy had Ainsley try this. . .if you remember correctly, she was not thrilled by speed.

Ah, I am daily learning about the world of boys.

Friday night my dad was flying into the airport and we decided to surprise him. As we were driving to the airport, we saw his airplane fly right in front of us as it was landing! The kids greeted him with hugs (onlookers smiling had no idea that we see grandpa often. . it looked as though we hadn't seen him in forever :) ).

Porter really wanted to see a pilot, so as the pilot that flew grandpa's plane was walking by, I pointed him out to Porter. The pilot was so kind! He came to meet the children and gave them each a card with a picture of the airplane on it!!!! Now of course Porter wants to grow up and fly fighter jets. And now is when I start praying for him as a 22 yr old :)

I tried getting some photos of Porter for his 4th birthday party invites. . .as he was busy "fixing the tire" on his bike with a sprayer from the hose. . .
And just for fun. This lunchbox was the greatest purchase ever! I got it at a tupperware party I hosted 6 yrs ago, and GooF has used it most every day. It keeps all the food separated. . .UNLESS of course, 20 month old Trey gets a hold of it. . .

Don't worry. I just separated it back into its' compartments, wiped apple sauce off a few chips, pulled carpet fuzz off the ham, and he was good to go :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Snapshots and Sayings. . .

Saturday Snapshots. . .
12 eggs were hidden for each grandchild. . .Ainsley found exactly 12, while Porter managed to find his 12 AND Trey's 12 :)Thanks for the Easter baskets (I always look forward to something new and springy :) )/eggs mom and dad!

As for sayings. . .I often hear Trey saying, "mommy rockabye, " and the first thing out of his mouth in the morning is "cocoa mini wheats." I often hear Ainsley singing in her bed things like, "Almanzo loves Laura, Almanzo loves Laura." And just today Porter came home from Grammy's and told me, "Oh mom, I brought some sand home from Grammy's in my shoes!"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I have the song "Watch the Lamb" blaring on youtube while I write this. Tears are streaming down my face. As a child, our church would act out this song, and being the pastors daughter and all, I remember being one of the children carrying a real lamb down the aisle of the church. The words, "Daddy daddy, what will we see there," bring tears to my eyes every time. . .I remember looking up at my daddy during that part. If you've never heard it, youtube it. And that, is the real meaning of Easter. Ryan just asked if I'm ok out here :) We will be doing resurrection eggs this wknd to help our children understand the real meaning of Easter. . .Ainsley looks forward to them all year! She saw the carton for them and said, "should I go get the little cross?!" Our children are so blessed to have two sets of grandparents that know and love Jesus, and love them! We spent the day with Ryan's parents today, and we love ourselves a good Easter Egg hunt. . .

Yes, that's poopy on Trey's pants. . .within minutes of arriving in Yankton, he had poopy on his pants and chocolate on his shirt. . .did I mention soon after I had apple juice on my shirt? At MOPS, the apple juice on my shirt would be evidence of a GOOD MOMMY DAY!
Thanks Gramma Becky and Grampa Seth for all the goodies! Porter had such a fun day playing with your airplanes and toy guns. . .he asked if he could come tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow.We also love ourselves a spring morning at the park feeding the ducks. . .Love Grandpas and Porters hands. . .Yes, my hair keeps getting shorter. . .mmm. . .I love to squeeze you Ainsley. . .And playing. . .

Girl, you can fly!
And lastly, we do love ourselves some sibling love around here. . .

Sunday, April 5, 2009

God's April Fools Joke. . .snow

We had big plans for April Fools day and then spent it sick. When it started snowing in April the kids thought God wanted in on some April Fools FUN! Quite honestly, while the snow fell yesterday it was dreary and I was less than thrilled, but today it is sunny and melting and a great day for a snow fort! Dad couldn't wait to get outside :)Ainsley was the first one to test it out. . .
Followed by Porter. . .What more can I say? Playing in the April snow. . .What a fun dad you are GooF! We may not always know what we're doing raising our brood, but thanks for playing with them and letting them know you love them!!Hot cocoa is being requested. . .wish it was lemonade that I was serving :) Then, chilli at my parents. . .