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Thursday, March 28, 2013

From after lunch until bedtime, Ainsley, Porter, and Trey were inseperable.  They even took their supper outside to eat together :)  One of the great things about homeschooling is that the kids are with each other during the best part of their day, and I love to see the friendships amongst them.  They are typical siblings, of course, and have their disagreements. . .I overheard one today and decided it sounded like a "kid issue" that they could handle on their own.  Sure enough, they must have worked it out, bc a few minutes later is was back to fun.  I considered learning to handle conflict on their own a great lesson!  And as ma says in the Laura Ingalls books we read during lunch, "alls well that ends well."  Looks like a great ending to a great day. . . .
the "bunkbed trundle bed". . .

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear lil baby #5,

Today I got a glimpse of your head, spine, and beating heart (the dr guessed heartrate was about 160/170). What a joy it was to see you moving inside me. You are such a miracle. . .your Heavenly Father is knitting you together and I am so thankful to be your mommy. Ainsley got to see you also, via ultrasound, and apparently Trey thought we were bringing you home today. . . he had a lil meltdown when he found out otherwise.   Trey is also the one who told me if I drink water and you don't know how to swim, that you will drown.  The kids are working on a list of names for you. . .pretty sure the boys would name you after a ninjago character if it was up to them. You are somewhere between the size of a plum and a peach. . .two of my favorite fruits (although apples have been my fav this pregnancy). . .and no doubt, you too, will be my favorite. . just as each of your siblings are.  Truly, it was just as amazing to see a glimpse of you as it was of our first.  I look forward to feeling your movements as you grow, and come the last wk in Sept, holding you in my arms. 

ps. . .MOPS pregnancy annoucement drawings are NOT reliable.  I drew a Twin Bing. . .there was one little one in the ultrasound even though daddy still thinks it's #5 and #6 ;)

Love, mommy

A child who will remain nameless just asked why the baby is still small if my tummy is big lol
                                                                            12-13 wk baby bump

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Superhero wings. . .or not

Over the years, we have accumulated quite the collection of pictures of Porter, Trey, and Ryker in their sister's hairbows, clothes, etc.  Adding this one to the bunch :)  GooF took the big kids ice skating again this afternoon. . .hoping they won't come home smelling like dog poop this time.  They must've gotten into some there yesterday :S

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Afternoon at the Ice Rink

We are beyond ready for summer, but made the most of this wintry afternoon!

The Reada Girls

Ainsley wanted to start a book club. . .she got this book for Christmas and the planning began!
At our 1st meeting, our theme was Friends.  We did some friendship activities from an American Girl Friends book and then discussed "Addy Learns a Lesson."  The girls decorated book bags, ate cookies in the shapes of L-O-V-E like Addy did, and came up with a club name, thanks to one of the moms, Annie :) 

For our second meeting, the theme was "Dreams and Goals."  The girls discussed "Meet Julie," and then passed Julie around while sharing their dreams and goals as well as those that their parents had.  We made friendship bracelets and decorated cupcakes to help us remember state capitals, like Julie did :)

What a sweet group of lil ladies!