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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pajama Day, plus some

For Ainsley's fall party at preschool, the kids (and mommies) got to wear pajamas! I LOVE PAJAMAS, and so does Ainsley, so we could hardly wait! It was the first time I helped out in her classroom and I completely enjoyed my morning at preschool!

Ellie and Ainsley held hands for the longest time :) so cute. . .
At circle time the teacher asked what happens in November and Ainsley replied that the WALL-E movie comes out on DVD on Nov 18th :) When the teacher asked what they knew about Thanksgiving, Ainsley said, "The horn of plenty!" She's taking after her daddy, sitting up in the front :)
Our littlest pumpkin is almost 15 months old!!!!Plus, we're gearing up for sledding season around here :)

Christmas card PHOTO FLOPS!

I decided if I wanted a Christmas pic of the kids outdoors I better do it while it's still nice, so off we went to a scenic park. I packed suckers and chips in case I needed bribes :) Here's to the Christmas card photos that DIDN'T turn out! On Take 1, Trey was crying. . .not quite what I envisioned for a Christmas card photo, but still cute :). . .On Take 2, Trey was crying again and Porter was eating a bribery chip :) On Take 3, again, not quite what I imagined :)I DID thankfully get a photo where everyone was smiling, but you'll just have to wait and check your mailbox in December :)
I also captured them just playing between Take 1, 2, 3, and 4!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny Saturday

It was beautiful outside today, so we tried to soak up some rays before winter hits! We took the kids to a Cougar girls soccer game. . .GooF kept teasing me for saying, "The goal is so big. . .why can't they get it in there?!" And this would be how Porter was dressed for the game. . .Old Navy had a big sale this morning and if the kids came dressed in costumes they got to pick out a free shirt! I am all about free shirts, so we were there! Plus, the Old Navy costumes were all 5 dollars. . .well, we got a free 5 dollar off coupon when we walked in the store, so the Ninja costume came home with us and it's been on Porter ever since :) Check out the free shirts. . .yes, they're both a size 4T :) We continued soaking up Vitamin D by CARVING PUMPKINS!And then painting them!This post would now be over, except that there were some surprise pics on the camera taken by daddy! GooF says he knows nothing about this :) Tubby time when mom is out. . I guess the bathroom was quite wet :) But boy, does Porter look like he's enjoying it!

And for my "not me" of the day. . . We went on a walk around the block today, and someone DID NOT once again say to me, "You have your hands full!" 3 children ages 1 to 4. . .full hands. . .NOT ME!

Blessed?! YES ME!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Turn up the Volume!

Turn up the volume on your computer, get off your computer chair, dance around your room, and lift your voice to God as you sing the song my man just uploaded on my blog for me. . .Mighty to Save, by Laura Story. Sometimes when a song comes on the radio, like this one, it stirs up a dance party at our home (by myself, with the kids, or with my man). I love praising God with my voice and my moves :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ainsley looked SO.CUTE. (on the inside and out:)) heading off to preschool today!I want her sweater in my size! I bet you wish you could've seen Porter in this coat :)
You can be in prayer for us as we make schooling decisions in the next couple of months!! Porter has a May birthday, so we could put him in a Pre-Kindergarten program next year and kindergarten the following year, or 2 years of preschool. And Miss Ainsley. . .we're planning on sending her to public school, but the idea of homeschooling keeps popping up EVERYWHERE.
Porter just said, "Let's go pick Ainsley up from preschool!" :) I'm sure he misses picking on and loving on his big sis, but I also think he's looking forward to the butterbraid samples at preschool today and the juicbox in the van :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


by Ainsley (age 4 1/2) and Porter (age 3)

The kids made up recipes, and gave GooF and I the giggles in the process
1 c flour, that's what you put in 1st
3 eggs
2 scoops sugar, that's brown sugar
Next, 4 c sugar, white sugar
1 c flour
1 tsp vanilla
Then you mix them together. Then put the frosting on after you bake them. Cook until they turn white with sugar on them."

"BLUEBERRY BUTTERSCOTCH COOKIES with Butterscotch in them, by Porter
5 c sugar, the kind we have
5 c flour
Sprinkles on it, 5 c
5 c chocolate"

After persistance from Ainsley and daddy, he then added. . .

"blueberries out of blueberry yogurt 4 c
butterscotch in it"
"Bake 1 min. A little hot and a little cold oven. MAKE A LOT SO WE CAN SHARE WITH BRIDGER AND TAETUM!"

I am not recommending trying these at home :) Although the kids asked if we could!

Scrub a dub dub. . .and much more. .

Three in the tub!! Trey's newest skill is soaping up his hands by himself!as for much more. . .
we've been filling our days with bug catching, plane flying, playing with cousins,
and recieving a surprise package in the mail. . .thanks Bethany! Ah, my friend from the south. . I'll never forget the days when you showed up to my house all bundled up and my kids were running around outside barefoot most likely :) And the day you bought a winter coat and asked me if it would be warm enough :) In case you want to know, my feet have started to get cold in flip flops :( We've been finishing up soccer season. . .and finally got smart and brought the wagon. . .
and next year Porter won't have to sit on the sidelines. . .
We've been doing artwork (and math). . and filing it in binders. . .thanks Ainsley for the I LOVE YOU MOM pic. . I will cherish it forever! It means SO much to me!

We had friends over to make pizzas and play. . .While they were here, Porter learned a lesson in not throwing his green beans off his plate. And later that night as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, I found a green bean in the vent and thought about the things I have"on my plate" in life.

We've been baking cookies. . .

chasing down a hot air balloon to watch it land. . .and training our little boys to be good daddies and husbands someday. . .And just because I love NOT ME'S. . .

I DID NOT get out of my car at a 4 bed, 3 bath house that was for sale to pick up a flyer, because I never look at other houses. And even if I had stepped out of the car, I DID NOT step out without shoes on, because I always keep my shoes on while in the passenger seat. And even if I had my shoes off, I DID NOT step on DOG POOP as I went to get the flyer. NOT ME!! sidenote. . I am thankful for my home, but always looking :) apparently I wasn't looking out for dog poop!

I DID NOT change Trey's diaper in the car, and even if I had I most certainly DID NOT put the diaper on only one cheek without realizing it! And when I picked him up after eating lunch out I DID NOT have a baby with one wet pant leg. When I took his pants off, I DID NOT do it again in the car, and I DID NOT find out what was wet was actually poopy! NOT ME! I always find a nice changing area, make sure his diaper is covering both cheeks and never have to deal with poopy messes!

And lastly, I DID NOT put my oldest son in an adorable pink coat and pink rainboots to go into storytime. NOT ME! I am always prepared for rainy days, with boy rain gear in the car!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Leaves

We went to a park this morning, where the leaves were falling/blowing off the trees like rain! Ainsley had a great time trying to catch them mid air! Porter was hard at work raking, Trey was sitting in the leaf pile, and I was enjoying sharing in some fall fun with my kids (and some picture taking :) )!
There were a few attempts at climbing a tree. . .
Some help from big sis. . .I LOVE THIS ONE. . . BROTHERS. . .And plenty of jumping into the pile of leaves. . .
OK, maybe it was LOTS of picture taking by mom :)
NOW, off to curl up with a good book and some kleenexes. . . if you haven't read Karen Kingsbury, I highly recommend starting with the Redemption series. . you'll be hooked!