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Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Work, Ryker

Ryker did some pretty good work today :)  He drew a picture all on his own and told me it was Porter. . .

Then he presented me with some playdough "skyscrapers" and a playdoh "building"                                                                                              . . . .the cheese truck hard at work also

               I loved the building he presented me. . .esp with the cheese on top :)

It's all in a days work when you're 2 1/2.  Good work sweet Ryker. We love you!

          (GooF found a surprise when checking on Ryker. . .inflatable alligator all tucked in  :) )

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Porter's Baptism

 A while back during a church service when people were getting baptized, Porter wanted to go up and be baptized too.  We've been talking about what that means, and this morning after camp, he was baptized by his Grampa. 

 Lighting a candle, and answering questions that yes, he believes in Jesus.

 Porter William's Baptism, on Sunday morning, July 21st, 2013 at Lake Poinsett UMC Camp
 We are so thankful you made the decision as a small child to follow Jesus, and today, to be baptized.
 "May the Holy Spirit work within you, that being born of the water and the Spirit you may be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ."

 Porter, God has given you a strong will and a tender heart. . .I pray He uses you in mighty ways for His glory.  You pray often for other people, and want them to have Jesus in their heart.  You and daddy made it through the whole Jesus Storybook Bible this year.  My child, you ask hard questions.  The other week there was 3 different times you had tears as you asked questions about Tessa, such as why God allowed her to die.  We cried together.  My child, we have had our share of "im sorries" and "will you forgive me."  We sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness" at your baptism, because you love Grampa to sing it to you, and we are so thankful His mercies are new every morning.  Grammy wrote the special prayer you like her to say on your card, "May God always forgive you and heal you, protect you, strengthen you , and encourage you to do His will."  Congratulations on your baptism Porter. . .we pray you will really make your faith in God and your relationship with Him your own through the years.  We love you!

After Porter's baptism, we made a stop at the camp tire swing :)
 Love Ainsley and Ryker's arms in this one. . .
 Looking on as the big kids went fast. . .
 It was GooFs first year at camp and he did a great job with the boys :)

 Glad you had fun at camp, Porter and Trey!  And glad we got to share in your baptism Porter :) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Then". . .Happy 12th Anniv GooF!

The other night while out for a walk, I found myself praying for our children and their future spouses, as I'm sure our parents did for GooF and I.  I'm so thankful to be celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary, but what exactly were we doing in those early years while our parents prayed?

For one, we were being spoon fed.  Both of us are 3rd children. . .this makes for two pretty easy-going people.  It's a miracle we figured out how to feed ourselves ;)

While I was busy practicing up on my mommy skills (apparently making my baby wear clothes was as important to me then as it is now while around the house). . . GooF was practicing up on his smarts skills!  I am so very thankful to be with our kids during the day, and that GooF provides for our family in so many ways.

During those early years, we were loving to make people laugh.. . .some things never change!

And while I was dreaming of my future family. . .naming my future children in my head and drawing up house plans. . .well, he was not even thinking about me at all.  And as he moved me into my college dorm room, pretty sure I had eyes for him first ;)

 GooF was learning to be superhero and save the day. . .I was waiting for my superhero to come. . .

 And that he did.  And I am so thankful!  Happy 12th Anniversary GooF. . .atleast 63 more years to go :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exploring Downtown

We spent the afternoon exploring downtown today.  I'd slept in and not packed GooF a lunch, so we took the opportunity to meet him for lunch at the Falls :)  Ainsley had fun sportin her new summer do. . .

Ryker. . .pretty proud of himself for climbing up the rocks. . .

 Headed to the trolley. . .
 Ryker was seriously cracking us (and the others on the trolley) up.  The driver was telling about the buildings that we passed, and the years they were built etc.  Ryker was repeating him in his deep, loud, slow voice.  Too funny. . ..
After our stop at the library, waiting for the trolley. . .
 They must be homeschooled, right GooF?  Either that and/or their mom said something to them about using kind words or else. . .before they left for the outing ;)  Either way, it was a fun afternoon spent exploring downtown.