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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pajama Day, plus some

For Ainsley's fall party at preschool, the kids (and mommies) got to wear pajamas! I LOVE PAJAMAS, and so does Ainsley, so we could hardly wait! It was the first time I helped out in her classroom and I completely enjoyed my morning at preschool!

Ellie and Ainsley held hands for the longest time :) so cute. . .
At circle time the teacher asked what happens in November and Ainsley replied that the WALL-E movie comes out on DVD on Nov 18th :) When the teacher asked what they knew about Thanksgiving, Ainsley said, "The horn of plenty!" She's taking after her daddy, sitting up in the front :)
Our littlest pumpkin is almost 15 months old!!!!Plus, we're gearing up for sledding season around here :)

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