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Monday, October 13, 2008


Our alma mater celebrated their 125th anniversary this weekend, so we got to go on a dinner date! Thanks Grammy and Grampa for taking care of the kids!!!! The next morning, Porter wanted to go on a date, so he and Ainsley pretended to be on a breakfast date at home. Porter asked me, "Is this my first date?" Yes, buddy, your first date was with your sister :) Saturday night we took the two older kids to the talent show on campus and their favorite part was the balcony!!!

I just love being on campus. . .it brings back all sorts of memories, including the day GooF moved me in to the dorms my freshman year. I remember watching him walk across campus one day and I wondered what it would be like just to get to know him. . .so I joined his "cougar group." Turns out he is the most funny, loving, giving, strong, Christian man I have ever met. I am so proud to be his bride! And so excited for our date to see "Fireproof!"

And for a little "not me" fun. . . .

I DID NOT let my 1 year old get out of the cart at the grocery store. And even if I had, he most definitely did not crawl onto the shelf of toilet paper while I was picking out toilet paper. I DID NOT turn around, not see him, start calling his name and then realize he was on the shelf between packages of toilet paper. NOT ME!!!!!

And, LOOK WHO'S WALKING. . . .by the way, I would never leave his onesie unbuttoned. . NOT ME!!!!

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