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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool: Day 2!

Ainsley has been waiting all summer to go eat lunch with daddy at the Coo after preschool. Today was finally the day! Daddy hadn't gotten to see her preschool classroom yet, so he drove her there this morning (with a stop at Hy-Vee for donuts on the way :) ). She was looking forward to playing with him for a bit before he left, but they had to line up for gym when she got there. . . that's when her tears began :( You got your parents tender-heartedness Ainsley. Miss Tarina gave her some snuggles and she was better. When I came to pick her up she was happy. We then brought pizza to eat at the Coo with GooF, and walked around Campus for awhile. Little A got a new hooded Cougar sweatshirt for the fall!! Here she is heading off on her daddy date before preschool. . .While Trey napped, Porter and I played his favorite game "The Marble Game!" That's probably not the real name of it. . we got it at a rummage sale for 5 dollars this summer, so I don't know what it's called, but he loves it (can't you tell by his expression? Just kidding)!
I wish this next pic had sound with it. . .we'll title it Garage Band Thank you Ainsley and Porter for the rocks you gave me today. . flowers yesterday, rocks today, I love you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Praying Ladybugs

I love planning activities for the kids, but it's even better when the kids come up with their own ideas!! For instance, today they found a lady bug outside, caught it, and then worried it would be scared of them since they're not ladybugs. . .SOOOO, they decided to trick that ladybug and DRESS UP as ladybugs, so as to not scare it! Of course, Porter is a BLUE ladybug.All the while, mobile mess is at work. . .Then we read stories outside and all the while, Trey just wants to swing. . . He really is pretty good at entertaining himself!

The kids ate lunch outside today and as a helicopter flew over, Ainsley folded her hands, bowed her head and prayed for the people in it. . so sweet. We always pray for ambulances and helicopters as lots of people do, but it was neat to see the kids do it on their own. Porter said, "Mommy, Ainsley prayed for the helicopter. . the people in it are broken!" Shortly after, an airplane flew over so he said, "We need to pray for the airplane too!" They folded their hands and began praying for the airplane :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now before we run to play

Let us not forget to pray
To God who kept us through the night
And woke us with the morning light
Help us Lord to love you more
Than we've ever loved before
In our work, and in our play
Be thou with us through the day!
This is the prayer we said every morning on the way to school as a child. This morning was Ainsley's 1st day of preschool, and we said the same prayer on our way. It made me think about how as a child I knew I could pray to God to calm me before tests, etc at school, and this morning it reminded me that God would be with Ainsley even if I couldn't be a little mouse in the preschool room :) We arrived 15 min early. . .think I was excited? This morning GooF wondered who was more excited for preschool. . Ainsley or I. We dropped her off and she gave Porter, Trey and I big hugs. When I picked her up she had a few tears bc she said two little girls weren't listening to the teacher and weren't keeping their hands to themselves, so it took longer to come out and see me. But she said she liked it. . music class was her favorite. Here's a pic of her 1st preschool artwork she had to do at home and bring with her today. She also had to pack three things to show about herself. . she chose a dolly, a tutu, and a teapot :) We celebrated with Happy Meals at McDonalds.
When Porter started telling her about his day (am pretty sure he liked his mommy time while Trey napped. . we built a ramp, raced cars, rode bike, etc), Ainsley said, "Next year when Porter goes to preschool can I stay home with you?" Porter said, "I'm proud of you for going to Beeschool Ainsley." And how did mommy do? No major tears. . just a little choked up when I was asking another mom I know how she was doing, and she asked me. . .I was like, "just great, til now :)"

We are so proud of you Ainsley for going to your first day of Preschool!

Oh, and I can't forget on my bike ride with Porter this morning when he asked me, "Mommy do you like flowers?" I replied yes, and he went and picked me these. . .
Thanks Porter. . I love your handpicked flowers. . you even called them sunflowers.
As for Trey today, we just got home from meeting daddy at the corner after work. While we were waiting for him, trucks would come by and we'd move our arms up and down to get them to honk, and Trey started doing it too!!! Way to keep up with those big siblings!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Soccer Game

Quite the quality entertainment! Taetum and Ainsley each scored a goal during the first game!Ainsley also (scored?) one in which the ball was going out of bounds and so she picked it up, threw it in, and kicked it through the goal :) Another highlight was when she threw the ball out of the other teams goal :) She was quite the little cheerleader. . one of the other parents commented on her hops as she was cheering for the team. All of the little girls were so fun to watch and cheer for!The sad part was that GooF has strep throat, so he had to miss the game. We missed him!!! We'll have to see if she remembers. . .he still remembers when his mom missed a football game in which he scored :) He also had to miss her open house for preschool. I took Ainsley and Porter to it. . she gave her teacher a hug, and their favorite part was the train rides!

And how are those boys you may ask? I got a neat pic of Porter tonight as we were playing sidewalk chalk outside. . .today he said, "Mommy, Jesus lives in our hearts!"Trey has become more verbal. . his new words are ball and puppy. His favorite thing to do is swing. . when we're outside or at a park, he crawls to the baby swing and lifts his arms up :) Then he giggles as we give him little underdogs. Here he is making us laugh. . .Way to go girls on your 1st game! Enjoy those juiceboxes!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Glitterbugs!!

I started dressing Ainsley in her soccer gear today and was going to put on her "game shoes" when she informed me that she needed cleats (so off we went to payless). . .although, she thought maybe her glittery black shoes would work bc she's a "Glitterbug" :) Here she is before practice. . mommy had her poseAnd then Coach GooF informed me that they're supposed to pose with one foot on the soccer ball or like this Ainsley scored 2 goals at practice (although they don't keep score). You can bet I was cheering (I'm always proud of you though girly)! She also ran out of bounds dribbling the ball, with the other coach trying to catch her. . she just kept on running fast :) She got her daddy's hops as you can see . . .But she may have also inherited my lack of competitiveness and knack of making friends during the game :) Practice finished off with juiceboxes and one unhappy boy who when asked why he was mad said, "Because I want to be on a BOYS soccer team!" Yes, that's Porter. Maybe next year (and he does have dads competitivenss)Really though kids, whatever gifts God has given you, may you use them to glorify Him!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Do

I love talking in a silly voice in the bathroom as Ainsley pretends to come to the beauty salon for the last hair appt of the day. . we talk about how God made her so beautiful. . not just her hair, smile and eyes, but her heart!
Well, with preschool starting we decided it was time to go to a real salon. I always trim her hair when I cut the boys hair, but I thought it would be a fun girly outing. . complete with ice-cream with the boys. . .did I mention how messy of an ice-cream eater Porter is?! :) Here is Miss Ainsley at the salon for the first time. . .And a nice before and after shot. . .
Gramma Becky took Ainsley and I shopping today and she got some new clothes for preschool. Last night I had told her that we'd be hungry after shopping, so she could pick somewhere to eat. This morning the first thing she said when she woke up was that she knew what she wanted for lunch. . Chuck E Cheese. So Gramma Becky got to go to Chuck E Cheese for the first time :) Thanks Gramma Becky for the fun morning. . .we'll have to make it a tradition!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't cry over spilled milk

Trey and I were having some nice quality time eating breakfast together this morning while GooF took the older kids on a bike ride in the bike trailor. When I got up from the table, well, you can see for yourself what happened. . .Spills are quite frequent around here. . I've learned not to cry over spilled milk, even though it IS so expensive! I just wipe it up and ring the towel back out into the sippy cup. . I'm just kidding :) Although I have tried to get spilled milk from the table back into a cup. . doesn't work too well.
My little pals after their morning bike ride with daddy. . .I love this picture of sweet Ainsley blowing bubbles after standing on the deck and waving to daddy as he drove off to his first day of his new job! We're so proud of you professor GooF. . .
And a little collage of our weekend with Michelle's family. . we went to the zoo and almost closed down the wading pool :) When did we get so old Michelle? :) Does summer have to be over?

Have patience and live simply

When I was a little girl, I can remember my sister singing that song. . ."Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry. When you get impatient you only start to worry. Remember, remember, that God has patience too, and think of all the times that others have to wait for you." I am continuing to learn this lesson in patience as children are not so good at hurrying. . .and thus, the walk around the block that took a good 50 min. First, Ainsley helped Porter get all of his "gear" on. Then she got all her "gear" on (and yes, she's in a strawberry shortcake nightgown that was my sisters back in 1980). We were off and then we stopped to see the big machines, stopped to sit on the big rock
stopped to get a drink, etc etc.
Then after nap we did it all over again, except that this time I think it only took us 45 min :) God continues to teach me patience! Truly though, I am so glad my kids are getting to be kids. . when else in life can you take a 50 min bike ride around the block in a semi see through nightgown? :) And that leads me to this picture
When else in life are you satisfied (actually delighted) with a simple patio table and umbrella that look like this? Our back door neighbors have 2 little girls and after they'd been playing in our yard, it was time for lunch. The neighbor girls had lunch on their patio table with umbrella, so my kids took their lunch outside on our deck, and made themselves an umbrella :) Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! You can see that Ainsley's arms got tired after awhile. . thus the chair holding up the umbrella!Kids, I had so much fun watching you live simply, work together, and then relax together in the sun with your watermelon, under your umbrella.
Oh, and thanks girls for the memories in the last post!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Chocolate

We have this little thing at our house called "Happy Chocolate." It started one day, pretty simply, when Ainsley was sad. I took her into the kitchen and gave her what I thought she needed. . .some chocolate. And sure enough it made her happy, so now we call it "Happy Chocolate." Currently at my house I have Chocolate Zucchini Cake which is making me very happy :)

1/2 c marg
1/2 c oil
1 3/4 c sugar
2 eggs
4T cocoa
1/2 t salt
1 t soda
1/2 t cinnamon
2 1/2 c flour
1 t vanilla
1/2 c sour milk
2 c peeled, shredded zuchhini (ask your mom to do this part)
Mix ( I also mixed after the first 4 ingredients), pour into 9 by 13 pan and top with 1/2 c happy chocolate chips
Bake at 325 for 45 min or until it looks done/you smell it (that's how I bake)
Very good with coolwhip or ice-cream on it!
Does it look like we're somewhere tropical? Last night my parents took care of Trey, and GooF and I took the older kids to a waterpark. The best part was the lazy river. . .we rode it over and over! The second best part was that the kids got to go down the big curly slide on our laps! No, that's not me in the bikini in the background of this next picture. . just in case you were wondering :) I have a "mom" swimsuit, but maybe by next summer. . .if I don't eat too much happy chocolate :)ha.
I was asked to do this on my blog so here I go. . .
As a comment on my blog, leave 1 memory you and I have shared together. And, for my blogging friends (which I don't think I have many :) ), leave me a comment letting me know something I have posted that was "memorable" to you.
When I was leaving a memory on a friends blog, I noticed that a lot of memories with her were not huge events. . just everday things. It made me think that although my kids may remember the big things we do with them, lots of their memories are made just doing the everyday things!
This could be kind of fun, or not, if no one comments :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our family restaurant and much more. . .

Tonight as I was making dinner, I asked Ainsley to set the table and she said, "I'll be the waitress! Let's have a restaurant." And soooo the fun began. . .the kids made a sign to hang on the door for daddy that said, "Family Restaurant" (that's the name she came up with :) ). Then they made a menu and put on aprons, and when daddy came home he said it was the best part of his day. Speaking of that, a friend from church gave us the idea to have the kids and parents say the best/worst parts of their day at dinner every night. I had sparatically been asking them this question prior, but it's fun to have it as part of our dinner time routine. Porter says the same thing almost every night. . .the best part of his day is usually hugging mommy. . .probably bc he then gets to get out of his chair and give me a hug (you can't fool us yet Porter, but I like your thinking and your hugs anyway).
Think we should go into business?
I am not ready for my teacher friends/sister to go back to school. . .we had some fun playing with them last wk, and we finished off the last wk of summer vacation with a girls night out to the pool. Taetum and Ainsley got to go on a double date with just their mommies (thanks daddies) and enjoyed jumping in to us in the deep end, climbing up the ladder, and getting nerd ropes when we left. . .
Can I just say how proud I am of these little fishies. . notice that their hair is wet! We went to the spray park one last time this summer, and Ainsley purposefully stood under the bucket to get dumped on!!!!
We brought along a picnic lunch. . .
Summer days 2008. . .
And in honor of my little olympic swimmer :). . .well not quite, but here she is in the tubby. . .

Trey is continuing to live up to his name of mobile mess. . .I left the fridge door open this wk while I was cooking in the kitchen and he ended up with yogurt in his hair :) Here he is helping me with laundry today. . .Stay tuned as soccer season is about to begin and I will have to blog about life as a soccer mom/coaches wife for the GLITTERBUGS team!!!!