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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ainsley looked SO.CUTE. (on the inside and out:)) heading off to preschool today!I want her sweater in my size! I bet you wish you could've seen Porter in this coat :)
You can be in prayer for us as we make schooling decisions in the next couple of months!! Porter has a May birthday, so we could put him in a Pre-Kindergarten program next year and kindergarten the following year, or 2 years of preschool. And Miss Ainsley. . .we're planning on sending her to public school, but the idea of homeschooling keeps popping up EVERYWHERE.
Porter just said, "Let's go pick Ainsley up from preschool!" :) I'm sure he misses picking on and loving on his big sis, but I also think he's looking forward to the butterbraid samples at preschool today and the juicbox in the van :)


JulieM said...

Hey there if Miss Ainsley is selling them make sure she hits us up for a sale. We love them!

Megan said...

oh, great picture updates, not me's and even a recipe?! and that bow in her hair is too cute!!