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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Agent Team 6

Porter William, This morning you woke in the sixes and said it was too hard to wait til the sevens to get up! You are my get up and go boy though. . .you are typically the first kid dressed and ready for your day and your 6th birthday was no exception!

Your friends arrived for your "spy party," and after taking their pictures and choosing code names (you chose "Agent Team 6"), daddy sent you boys through spy training!! What a fun dad you have :) You went through laser beams (string) and ran across hot coals (rock) etc. You each received a spy badge and were ready for your mission!The mission? The case of the missing ice cream bucket! In an empty ice cream bucket in the freezer, we had a puzzle that led you to the next empty icecream bucket with a puzzle, etc etc etc, until finally you found the icecream bucket with icecream in it in the cooler! That was probably the favorite part for "Team 6!"

Each boy went home with spy gadgets and we headed to chuckecheese to continue celebrating you Porter!

6 yrs ago I heard the dr say "It's a boy!" And to think, now I've heard that 3 times in the last 6 years :) You love to make baby Ryker smile and laugh!

6 years ago we were preparing for your arrival by buying a minivan, practicing big sister skills,and moving Ainsley out of the crib to make room forYOU, Porter William!
Happy 6th Birthday Agent Team 6!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


After packaging meals alongside my daughter for "Kids Against Hunger," (which, by the way, she wrote the sweetest notes on the food packages) we headed to the palisades for some serious rock climbing! Can you see Ainsley standing, and Porter, Trey and my heads at the top of the big rock? We took a path on the side of it, but it was rather steep and muddy. . .the kids rocked it!! I, on the other hand, was wondering why I was climbing and GooF was at the bottom with the baby :)

It was a beautiful day for exploring the Palisades!
But, the only creature we found in the water was. . . .a shoe ;)

Oh, and GooF got asked (by a rock climbing instructor) if he wanted to scale the side of that big rock formation. . he said no ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

How does your garden grow?

We went to the greenhouse this morning, and I let the kids choose some seeds and plants. I was so looking forward to our morning, and it had its fun moments, like when Ainsley said, "It's hard to believe you're almost 6 Porter! I can't believe I've had you that long!" -Ainsley
But on our drive home, I noticed a packet of seeds for "red warty thing pumpkins," that I didn't recall paying for, so back to the greenhouse we went. Trey must have thought planting pumpkins sounded fun ;) Sorry bro, but I had let you get a tomato plant

When we got home I told the kids that I was going to lay the baby down for a nap, so we could garden together. A child came in the room when I almost had Ryker to sleep and I was not happy. That child had a natural consequence and I asked him to forgive me for how I reacted. There are times I wonder if I'm growing in my relationship with Jesus, during this busy season of mothering. But then I think about all God teaches me through mothering. Some lessons are completely wonderful, like seeing a glimpse of the love our Father has for us. Some lessons are more challenging, like patience and kind words instead of anger. . .and humility and contentment instead of pride and jealousy (just to name a few :) ). But one thing I continue to see is that it's not all about me. It's not all about them. It's all about Him. I will keep on loving my children, asking them for forgiveness when I need to, and praying that they see Him through me.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Recently, GooF and I have received wisdom from a few different godly old men :), to "fix our eyes on Jesus." To "run the race, with patience, looking unto Jesus. . ."

And here we are on "Race Day!" Our first 5K. . .it was a beautiful day! I officially ran it in 37:46 and enjoyed spending the morning on a double date with good friends and my funny husband :)

After the race we headed to the soccer fields! GooF and Matt do a wonderful job coaching these girls! AINSLEY: Officially a 2nd grader now!

PORTER: Officially a Kindergartner now!

He had "preschool graduation" tonight and he did not think it was a reason to celebrate. He is sad that the schoolyear is done and is worried about missing his friends. He wanted to bring his teacher "pink flowers" on his last day, so he brought her a plant with pink flowers. I thank God for her role in our sons life this schoolyear!
TREY: Officially a bike riding, fun loving boy! He daily reminds me of his daddy. RYKER: Officially pats me on the back when I pick him up :) And he's starting to wave. If he's in his jumperoo and we walk by, he lifts his arms up to us :)

There is never a lack of children around this house

and that's the way we like it! It's official. . .I love being their mommy (even though it is not always easy and fun). . .love being wife to GooF. . .love God and am daily learning to be His disciple.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zoo Day

We awoke to a beautiful spring day, so it was off to the zoo! If you look closely, you can see my reflection :)We visited Africa, which, by the way, is somewhere Ainsley wrote recently that she would like to go (to visit Ivy)! Sweet Trey, your pants were on backwards all day but hey, you dressed yourself and atleast they were "upside up" ;)and man, you're growing up Porter. . .counting down the days til the big 6! Ryker took his morning nap in the "hip hammock" I borrowed from my mom

and then it was home again, home again. I like to call these next photos, "Beauty in the midst of boy toys" or something like that:)

Hopefully we wake to another beautiful day on Saturday, as it is Race Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just for fun

I love to see the similarities between our little ones. . .

American Girls

Ainsley planned an "American Girl" sleepover! Ainsley made a code and then they had to use the code to figure out American Girl names. They also played American Girl memory and wrote down facts about the dolls. The girls made homemade pizzas for themselves and for their dolls.As you can tell, Trey joined the table with Kit, Kanani, and Addy ;)I am so thankful for the friendship these young girls have! Here they are 5 1/2 years ago. . .Ainsley wanted a "Heart Party" for her 2nd birthday :) She's quite the party planner! I pray they will be life long friends!!

For today. . .

and the next few days, the GooF Troop is 7 1/2, 5 1/2, 3 1/2, and 1/2 Soon they will be 7 1/2, 6, 4, and 1. . .and I'm sure 19 1/2, 18, 16, and 13 will come before we know it ;) I am excited for the future with the GooF Troop. . .we have lots of fun planned for this summer! Starting with a picnic blanket lunch today!You gotta love wrist rolls, baby dimples in the hand, and kissable cheeks! And you gotta love how Ryker makes the big kids laugh! He always wants a drink of our water, so we gave him a sippy cup. . .whenever he drops it on the floor the kids just laugh and squeal with delight :) And, you gotta love Ryker's face when he tries new foods. . .he gobbles up baby rice and oatmeal, so i've started adding his veggies to that and he likes them better that way :)