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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pool and Park Play

The last few evenings I've been going on bike rides with Porter. . .

When he gets a bike injury, nurse Ainsley is right by his side. . .

She is such a caring big sister!

Summer weather is here, and we have spent the last few days at the park and pool! I have my van trunk filled with sand toys and a picnic blanket. I have my pool bag packed with towels, pool toys, snacks and of course my camera. . .

This is for you, Mike. . . :)

Tonight during my shower I was serenaded by Trey playing the recorder. . .nice, loud, steady notes. . not the most relaxing shower ever, but funny.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Science Center with cousins and Grammy

Porter couldn't wait to ride the hot air balloon!

Look at all these boys. . .who would have thought, after growing up with sisters. Now the boys have outnumbered the girls.

It was a fun morning, but I got a headache later on. Keeping an eye on 5 kids 5 and under
must have made me tense :)

OK, and when Porter put these goggles on, I totally saw my husband when he used to wear big glasses :)After writing all these posts tonight, I am thinking about how God has blessed us. He is amazing!

Robot Party

Porter had a robot themed party for his 4th birthday, complete with robot freeze dancing, pin the button on the robot, "Robot says," and "cop, cop, bad bot." The "Porter Bot" cake. . .before Trey took a bite of the marshmallow :)He was very excited to rip open presents. He woke up to his favorite present of all. . .A Hot Wheels Bicycle!!!! Complete with a noisy throttle on the handlebars. Goodbye to the girly bike that ding dings :)GooF's favorite present was the tee ball stand. . .thanks mom and dad :) I finally hit a homer!

He had his little friends Jordan and Cohen there, along with family.

Porter, you are such a joy! Your smile and outgoing personality brightens the day of those around you!
Thanks to the party planner and decorator. . .

The Sandbox!

Grandpa Seth built Porter a sandbox for his 4th Birthday! It has been a big hit! Thanks Grandpa Seth and Gramma Becky!! Thanks too Uncle Mark for the help and Auntie Jackie for the new sand toys!

Little brother is a big fan of the sandbox!

Not to mention the wheelbarrow rides that came before moving, literally, a ton of sand :)

Homeade ice-cream and Roasted Marshmallows

We celebrated Porter's 4th birthday at my parents house on Sunday! The grandkids loved making homeade ice-cream. . .they each got to taste test it with a spoon!!! Ainsley girl, I love your expressions :)

Brain freeze?!

That's my buff man cranking it, and explaining why it doesn't make any difference if we crank it faster.
Grammy and Grampa had a tractor cake for Porter, with no rocks (aka sprinkles) on it. . . just how he likes it. Then fun Uncle GooF had to mix everyones cake and ice-cream while making his sound effects.

The cousins played outside. . .

And then we roasted marshmallows. . .

Did I mention Grandpa missed this part bc he was in the ER getting 7 stitches on his hand?! He had some worried grandchildren, but was a hero when he showed off his injury. While he was gone we said a prayer and made him cards.