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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treating and the Traveling Bowl

We had a fairy, ninja, and lion grace our house this Halloween!Our little lion two fisted his candy the entire time. Whenever we handed him his pumpkin bucket to go to a door and get candy, he'd just pull out his already existing candy and two fist it :)My two favorite Halloween pics. . .We went to a few houses in our neighborhood. . .see what I mean? Who needs more candy when you can just pull out candy out of your bucket? And then our "tradition" is to go to my parents house for pizza and more trick or treating! The kids could hardly wait to get over to Grammy and Grampas for pizza with the cousins!Thanks for the special treat bags and pizza! We also went to a Fall party at our church Wed night! On our drive to church we always pass under a tunnel, raise our arms and honk the horn. . .when Trey sees the tunnel coming he gets ready!
And what were GooF and I for Halloween? Pumpkins of course! It's tradition!As for the traveling bowl. As a wedding present, we got this blue bowl. As newlyweds, we wondered what we'd use it for so we passed it on to GooF's best man as a housewarming gift. Well, it then went to some other college friends on their wedding day, and around it's gone between 3 couples. . .weddings, new babies, moves. . .any reason to pass it on :) And we've even begun filling it with diapers, baby clothes, etc! The bowl has been at our home since Trey's birth, but on Halloween one of the couples welcomed precious little (well, not so little :) )Fletcher into their family! CONGRATS! Did I mention I got to snuggle him when he was only a few hours old?!

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Megan said...

love that lion! everyone was too cute!