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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

We are home from the wedding weekend, and Auntie Jenny was a beautiful, relaxed bride. I, on the other hand, was a not so relaxed mommy of a flower girl and ring bearer, even though Porter told me "I will do what you say mommy!" When they started walking down the aisle I quietly said to my sister, "They're doing it!" All four of the older cousins walked down the aisle together and I even got hugs when they came up front. I was so proud of them and could finally relax and enjoy the ceremony. Trey was asleep on Michelle (thank you!). Porter only stood up there a minute (then went off to daddy and got his new Wall-E toy. . thanks GooF), and Ainsley stood up there for quite awhile, then sat by Grammy and Grampa, and came back up at the end to walk back down the aisle. As she stood beside me during the ceremony I could hear her saying, "Kiss the bride!" She was so excited it was finally the day she got to wear her dress and hold her bouquet!
Thank you Auntie Jenny for buying the kids backpacks full of toys to keep them entertained, for the beautiful jewelry box for Ainsley, for loving me through my tears :), and for the relaxing morning at the spa. Thanks Jed for the food for Porter. . .you know what keeps him happy! Thanks Grammy and Grampa for buying and sewing for us and for our motel rooms. . the kids love motels!Sunday we played. . .went to the Mall of America, which was really fun, and the zoo, which we could've skipped since we had tired kids that wanted to be carried.
Here we are on the Dora Ferris Wheel, without daddy :)
Porter's favorite ride, "The Big Rig" Quite appropriate since the whole way to the cities in the car we got trucks to honk, even one with 180 pigs in it! Porter honked his trucks' horn the whole ride.

I got to go on the rollercoaster with the kids, and they both enjoyed their treats. A big cookie with frosting called "Double Trouble" for Porter and Dippin Dots for Ainsley.

Am glad we're home and the van is cleaned out. . .traveling with 3 little ones 4 and under can be tricky, but Starbucks and outlet shopping can help :) Welcome to the family Jed and am glad you didn't wear the plaid shirt like I dreamt Jenny :) Happy honeymooning in the outback!


Hollie said...

Oh my goodness what a cute flower girl and ring bearer. Sounds like you guys had a busy but fun time. I am excited to take Gabe to Adventureland in a few weeks, hopefully he likes the rides:)

JulieM said...

What a cute little flower girl and handsome ring bearer. It looks like you had a busy fun filled couple days! The MOA is a fun place for big and small. It must be a boy thing ... Shane picked the Double Trouble cookie for his treat too!

Bethany said...

Great job everyone. You and your sisters look lovely and the kids are so cute! Did you do Ainsley's hair? I can't imagine Abbey letting me curl hers, wedding or not.

Flip-flop Mama said...

Yes, we put Ainsley and Taetums hair in those sponge rollers the night before and then I just bobby pinned a little of it up :) You should try it with Abbey's pretty, long hair!
They had to be careful swimming the morning of the wedding though :)