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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spray Park

We had a pretty stressful morning here (went to a fun puppet show but then had TIRED kids) so when the kids woke up from nap I had fresh choc chip cookies and a bag/cooler packed and swimsuits layed out to go the Spray Park! And the best part was that daddy was meeting us there!!!When the temp in the van read 97 this week, we cooled off in the water. . .
Then we came inside for a "movie night" where we made popcorn and orange julius and the kids got to buy tickets and the food! And just because kids are kids. . .what is this invention Little Miss Ainsley?

And just because he's my baby. . .he waves and claps, and he kisses his books about other babies :) They sure do look sweet in pictures don't they? :) They are, but it's been a day!

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Hollie said...

Oh do I understand what you mean, my little blessing keeps running in and out of our house and slamming the door as I type this comment. Must be the weather:)