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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fingernails and Finger jello

While I was painting Ainsley's fingernails bright red for the 4th of July this morning, I said, "God made your hands so pretty Ainsley." I was about to go on and ask her ways she can use those pretty hands to serve God when she said, "And God made pretty nail polish for the 4th of July too!"

Then the kids helped me cut out star shaped jello jigglers


Bethany said...

You are so patriotic! You would think I would be too, but I am going to wear my 2005 Old Navy flag shirt to the big on-base bash and call it good.

Flip-flop Mama said...

GooF and Ainsley will wear their 2006 Old Navy flag shirts and Porter will wear his 2007 Old Navy flag shirt :) Pretty soon you'll be close enough to an Old Navy to buy a new one!!

Hollie said...

We had star jigglers on the 4th too:) Ty and Gabe do share a few similar features namely big eyes and looooong eyelashes but other then that they really do look different. Gabe looks like his daddy and Ty oddly enough looks like my dad. Funny where genes come out isn't it. Hope you guys had a good 4th!