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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Learning to Pray

Those of us who are parents quickly realize just how much our children learn by watching us. . .they mimic our behavior so early on! The last few nights at dinner, as we've said our prayer, Trey has folded his hands. We hadn't asked him to. . he'd just learned by watching/listening to us! Look at that face. . . He loves drinking milk like the big kids too (I know he's not a year, but close enough :) )
Speaking of children doing what their parents do, Porter and Ryan are currently changing the oil in the van. The minute Porter notices that Ryan is working on something in the garage he excitedly and intensely gets all of his toy tools (that he knows by name)/toolbox etc and is ready to help (like the other day when he woke up from nap, peeked at dad working in the garage, and gathered all his tools before we even noticed he was awake). Maybe this is just in his genes from Grampa Seth. Ha, and Trey got the praying genes from Grampa Pastor Bill :)
Then there's Miss Ainsley Brielle today. . .she had a guitar concert ready for daddy when he got home and even played for us singing Jesus Loves Me tonight (her version) This would not be something she learned by watching me since I can't play YET, that is. . .must come from watching Grammy and Grampa

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Hollie said...

Those pics are so cute! Gabe loves to help Daddy too and also has toy tools that he likes to haul around to "help" We have one big can of formula left and then Ty is switching to "big kid" milk. I am excited to not have to buy formula anymore. Crazy that birthdays are right around the corner!