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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Backyard Bash

I have been so excited to post about Trey turning the Big 1!!!! He got the nickname "mobile mess" this week. . .I'll just show you why. . here he is helping make his cakes. . mmmmmand here's our little mobile mess helping himself to some graham crackers out of the pantry. . just look at how happy he is when he finally gets them in his mouth!Yes, my near one year old is on the move, and one of his favorite things is keeping up with his silly family. . the first thing he does after nap is look around to see who's awake to play with/torture him :), and the first thing he does when he hears daddy's voice is crawl to him. . . He does also manage to make US laugh often and keeps us entertained. . .here he is stepping out of his pants, which is hilarious if you're 3 or 4. . .or 28 or 29 for that matter.Friday night we went to my parents for a campfire. . . On Saturday morning his siblings took him to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate (and to keep the house clean),
and then we had a BACKYARD BEACH BASH with family and friends!!!! We set out a few pools and the slip and slide in the backyard, and had a ring toss, beanbags, croquet, and best of all water balloons!!!! I had a few games planned like finding beach items in the sandbox, pin the colors on the beachball (Ainsley's invention), decorate little beach bags, hula hoop contest, etc but mostly the kids just played! We had homeade ice-cream, a beach ball cake, cupcakes, sloppy joes, etc. I loved watching you eat your cupcake Trey and singing Happy Birthday to you. . .
One tradition we do on the kids' first birthday is make them a birthday box where everyone writes them a little note. Then GooF and I try to add notes to them in their box each birthday, and I hope to put a picture from each birthday in it too. Big brother Porter is pretty social and was sad to see everyone go.We are so thankful that we're close to our families, and that they get to help us celebrate. . these pics were taken recently with GooF's brothers and their brides. Notice the need for more little cherubs?! HINT HINT :)

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Jake-Julie said...

Happy birthday, Trey! He's really growing out of the 'baby' stage quickly.

Nice, subtle hint about needing more kids, Emily! :) We've made our addition to the family so far with our puppy, Molly. That'll have to do for now.

Great pictures! It sounds like you had a blast. Sorry we couldn't be there!