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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too wet to go out. . .

"Too wet to go out, too cold to play ball, So we sat in the house and did nothing at all," is what Dr Suess would say. It was a wet, cold day today, and after spending the morning in the house the kids set up what they call, "bike tread e mills" in the garage. . .
Porter had discovered the other day that if one training wheel lands up higher than the other, you can pedal, your back wheel spins, and you go nowhere. He loves it.
And, in case you're wondering, Ainsley has drawers full of cute summer outfits, but she prefers nightgowns with pants underneath. Perfect attire for when it's too wet to go out!
We ended our day with a real family bike ride outside all over the neighborhood. Porter maxed out at 11 mph. A motorcyclist met us at an intersection and as Porter revved up his bike, the motorcyclist smiled and did the same :) Porter is actually pretty good at riding on the right side of the road, wearing his helmet, and stopping at intersections. Did I mention he's fast?! Oh, and he's really good at jumping off his bike if it starts to tip :) I think we've found something he and his dad both love!

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