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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Robot Party

Porter had a robot themed party for his 4th birthday, complete with robot freeze dancing, pin the button on the robot, "Robot says," and "cop, cop, bad bot." The "Porter Bot" cake. . .before Trey took a bite of the marshmallow :)He was very excited to rip open presents. He woke up to his favorite present of all. . .A Hot Wheels Bicycle!!!! Complete with a noisy throttle on the handlebars. Goodbye to the girly bike that ding dings :)GooF's favorite present was the tee ball stand. . .thanks mom and dad :) I finally hit a homer!

He had his little friends Jordan and Cohen there, along with family.

Porter, you are such a joy! Your smile and outgoing personality brightens the day of those around you!
Thanks to the party planner and decorator. . .

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Hollie said...

Very Cool robot cake, Gabe would have loved it:) He is really into Robots right now(and space things, cars, etc) We are having his party at Reiman Gardens they have dinosaur displays there this year so we are doing a dino party, he is pretty excited:) Looks like Porter had a great time!