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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Collages, Crazy, Circus, and Catch-up

Lunch at the park. . .
Splish Splashin off the slide. . .
Trey. . . he is saying so many cute things. He often says, "thank you mommy," without being told and when he sits at the table he says, "Thank you God, Amen." Whenever I use my mixer he pulls up a chair and says, "Cookie Dough!" and I often find him sitting in his bed looking at books ("Brown Bear" is his favorite). He loves to wear underwear, to do everything by him"self. . Trey do it. . .self," and he sings "Happy Birthday to you." He also has to give, "Ainsley kiss, Porter kiss, mommy kiss, daddy kiss," every night before bed. But he never shows off when we ask him to. . .what a humle, joyful spirit you have Trey!
Porter. . .loudly and quickly, "Thank you God for my food, and my family, and my friends. Taking time to sit and pray. Thank you God for this great day! Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen." Porter tells me often that he loves me and he always needs a hug and then a kiss. He loves the outdoors! We have had some fun evening walks around the block together, looking at ant hills. Porter, may you use your intensity and strong will to serve God.
Ainsley. . .she is such a sweetheart. Each day she wants me to plan her a school lesson. . you will often find her sitting at the table writing, playing "Old Maid" with daddy, or playing "Laura and Mary" with the neighbor girls. Ainsley, what a tender hearted, loving, caring child of God you are! It was Ainsley's last day of preschool today and she skipped out of the building :) We celebrated by bringing pizza to daddy's office. After I paid for our pizza, a worker handed Ainsley a bag of Crazy Bread and said you have to give a cute little girl like her some free crazy bread! We are CRAZY ABOUT CRAZY BREAD!!

Then we had the college boys over for spaghetti and some nintendo and croquet fun. Our kids love when they come over! And apparently the college boys love it too. . .they said Spaghetti at our home is one of the best days of the year. . it ranks right up there with Christmas! Now that's a compliment :) I was entertained listening to them play our piano.

Ainsley and Taetum both graduated from preschool this week! Congratulations girls!

One of the preschool projects this last month was making a boxcar. GooF was excited to help design it and I was excited to help decorate it!On Mother's Day the kids sang in church. . .well, Ainsley sang. Porter misbehaved in the front of the church. These photos do not capture him singing in the mic, and then pouting after I told him he had to keep his hands to himself. . .
Apparently Ross didn't get the memo to keep to himself either :) Singing on the last night of "game night". . .Gramma Becky said Chris would've done the same thing. Speaking of Uncle Chris, the other day Ryan dressed Trey in a shorts outfit tucked into bright orange pants and a cap on backwards. Can anyone say Uncle Chris in his former, less fashionable years?!But really, MY child would never act up in the front of church! NOT MINE! My children are always nothing but sugar and spice and everything nice. . .
Well that, and some snips and snails and puppy dog tails :)
Or more like bunny tails! My parents have "baby rabbits" as Trey calls them in their backyard!We may be crazy for crazy bread, but we're also just crazy!

Grammy and Grampa were so nice to take care of Trey, so we could take the older two to the circus. . .

Ainsley and I were looking at the clouds one day and she saw a "Sheep Rocking Horse" in the sky :)
On the last day of preschool Ainsley wrote her teacher a card that said, "I just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for being my preschool teacher." A few of her recent cards. . .she's big on the X's and O's :)
Whew. . I'm caught up. . .I think.

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