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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Homeade ice-cream and Roasted Marshmallows

We celebrated Porter's 4th birthday at my parents house on Sunday! The grandkids loved making homeade ice-cream. . .they each got to taste test it with a spoon!!! Ainsley girl, I love your expressions :)

Brain freeze?!

That's my buff man cranking it, and explaining why it doesn't make any difference if we crank it faster.
Grammy and Grampa had a tractor cake for Porter, with no rocks (aka sprinkles) on it. . . just how he likes it. Then fun Uncle GooF had to mix everyones cake and ice-cream while making his sound effects.

The cousins played outside. . .

And then we roasted marshmallows. . .

Did I mention Grandpa missed this part bc he was in the ER getting 7 stitches on his hand?! He had some worried grandchildren, but was a hero when he showed off his injury. While he was gone we said a prayer and made him cards.

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