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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

red cheeked, ice cream mouthed, swimsuit wearing babes

Summer has arrived!!

For starters, imagine GooF accidentally doing a FRONT FLIP all the way over on this piece of playground equipment while he and I were see-sawing on it. His thought was, "oh no, I'm going to kick Emily in the face." "My thought was "Oh no, GooF is flipping. . whew. . he's ok." LAUGHTER!!

We ate supper on our deck last night and we all enjoyed our first ice-cream cones of the season!

After a little too much fun in the pool, Porter was having a time out on the front steps when his sister went to comfort him :)We spent the morning at the zoo! Peeking at the giraffes. . .

Watching the baby goats. . .

And being completely enthralled with the ANT HILLS :) (the newest exhibit)
After the zoo we went to GooF's office, and then to campus park for a picnic lunch!!!My little soon to be kindergartner!
And her soon to be 4 yr old sidekick. . .

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Hollie said...

We got the pool out yesterday too! They loved it, Ty wasn't so sure at first and it was pretty cold water but they still had a blast, I wish we lived closer so our boys could play together:(