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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our GooF Troop

Oh, how I love my GooF Troop!
This picture was taken WHILE Ainsley was at preschool. "Look at my twins mommy! Want to help us shop?" Porter is typically "all boy" but I had to capture this moment!

And then this moment. . .The littlest member of our GooF Troop. . .And the whole troop. . .did I mention I was sweating by the time I got everyone and myself bundled up to play outside?!!!And for my NOT ME of the day. . . .I am NOT sitting here sipping coffee flavored with Pepperment Mocha Coffee Mate. And I am NOT sitting here contemplating chopping my hair to above my shoulders at my hair appt. I most definitely do NOT sound like a mom. . .coffee, short hair. . .NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to the non coffee drinking, long haired girl. . .I think I left her in NE, 2 children ago :)

Conversations with the GooF Troop are usually interesting, and I often find myself saying things I didn't imagine I'd say. Like when I'm on the phone with my sister and she hears me saying things like, "Broomsticks need to stay on the ground."

Ainsley and my conversation today. . .
A: I'm starting to get tired of having just rough brothers. I need a sister. An older sister.
Me: It would be fun to have a sister. . .maybe someday we'll have another baby, but God will get to decide if it's a sister or brother. And, you can't have an older sister, because you're the oldest.
A: We need to start wishing.
Me: praying. God knows what's best for our family.
A: I bet your sisters wished they had a brother.
Me: Yes, my sister Jenny wanted me to be a boy.

And, Porter and my conversation. . .
P: When is Frosty the Snowman going to come to our house?
Me: When do you think?
P: Maybe while we're asleep. We need to see if he left footprints!

And, Trey's and my conversation. . .
T: Aaaaaaaahhhh Wahhhhh
Me: Up please, say up please
T: Aaahhhhh Wahhhhh
Me: Up please, say up
T Uuuh
Good enough :)


Hollie said...

Wow you guys have a lot of snow. I totally relate to your conversation with Trey, we are also working on saying up instead of whining or many times screaming at the top of our lungs:)

Bethany said...

Love the conversations!
Trey reminds me of baby Ainsley in those pictures. Do you think he looks more like her or Porter?
Chop it off, Emily! I like having short hair, though I am currently growing it out... partly at Chad's request and partly because I haven't found a stylist here yet.