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Friday, November 7, 2008

First Snow Angel. First Snowball.

The kids were SO EXCITED to see the snow falling last night and the minute they saw it (before it even hit the ground), they wanted to play in it! So this morning, the kids woke up at 7, and at 7:15 the first snow angel was made and the first snowball thrown!

After MOPS, we had some indoor fun and the kids put on a show for me, titled, "The pirates and the angels day." Can you guess which one is the pirate and which one is the angel? :)
I love how they bowed at the end of their show :) And see that cross hanging up behind Porter? Last night when my dad was taking care of the kids, Porter told Grampa that when he misses him, he looks at that cross and it reminds him of him. . .then he doesn't miss him so much. That pretty much melted Grampas heart!
And this would be Trey finishing off the cookie dough. . . "cookie" is the CUTEST word he says. .he says it in this high pitched voice and accents the first syllable :) He pronounces kitty the same way. Trey LOVES to be read to. When I say, "Bring me a book," he gets so very excited to get one off the shelf, bring it to me, and sit on my lap while I read. When we're done with one book, he's off to bring me another one, with a huge smile on his face!Oh, and I just have to blog about a saying I heard at MOPS today so I don't forget it. It went something like this, "Before I became a mom, I was a better mom!" Any of you moms identify with that? :) Ahh, before kids. . . .I sure did know a lot about them. . .after all I had a 4 yr degree in El Ed/Early Childhood!

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