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Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday Girl!

OK, I haven't even started typing this post and I'm teary! Ainsley, I tell you this often, but you made me a mommy! A mommy is what I wanted to be since I was a little girl, and 5 years ago, I became one. Yesterday we saw a couple pull into the church parking lot, the mom sitting in the backseat with the baby, and the dad driving. That was us 5 yrs ago. . .you changed our life and we're so thankful for that! I remember holding you as a tiny infant and imagining just how much God "our Father" must LOVE US! You are loving, caring, compassionate, kind, giving, thoughtful, smart, tenderhearted, creative, silly, goofy, energetic and we love you just the way you are. . .the way God made you! We are so blessed to have you as a daughter and a big "sissy!" This morning you told Trey that he can now call you "sister" since you're 5! And Porter said, "You're so big Ainsley!" You also wondered if you're having so many celebrations since you're turning such a big number?!
To prepare for your 5th birthday party, you had previously helped me bake and decorate the cake to your hearts delight (first you drew what you wanted it to look like on a piece of paper :) ). You'd picked out Barbie Island princess invitations, helped fill the gift bags, and oh yes, you'd had me put your hair in 5 braids the night before so it'd be wavy. You even suggested you needed a new party dress the day before, so off we'd gone to the Old Navy sale rack :)
The celebrations began Saturday morning. . .you decorated each of the chairs with 5 streamers and set the table, complete with name cards for each little girl. You also made a sign and hung it on the door.
Then, you anxioulsy watched out the window for the little girls to arrive!!!!! Reminds me of somone I know :) The party goers included. . .
(Taetum, Ainsley, Madison, Eliana, Ella and Porter) All the little girls are within 5 months of each other with Ainsley being the oldest and Maddie the youngest.
When the girls arrived, they decorated party hats, and put on face paint and tattoos!
Your party games included, blowing bubbles and playing with balloons to music
Pass the teapot (when the music stopped, if they were holding the teapot they got to pick a candy out of it)
Stick the tiara on the barbie (they thought this was pretty silly), and princess Bingo. . .I had also hidden paper slippers around the house and the girls got to find them!Then you opened presents. . .each girl (or brother :) ) got to sit on our THRONE by you while you opened the present from them!
Oh, and picture of the tiara on my back. . .that would be where Porter stuck his :)
Next, the kids made homeade pizzas, and while they baked we played!
Lastly, it was cake and ice-cream time! We sang Happy Birthday, blew out candles, and I described princesses while the party goers guessed which one I was describing! I love the pic of you blowing out your candles Ainsley!
And that would be Porter, still sitting at the table eating long after the girls were done! Daddy did attend your party, but was behind the camera :)
Later Saturday night, we had Maddie and her family back over and the kids played while the daddies watched football and the mommies drank pepperment mocha coffee! Then we tubbied all the kids, put Trey to bed, the other 4 in front of a movie with popcorn, and the adults played games!!!!!!! Oh, and a HUGE thank you to Grammy and Grampa for watching Trey during the party!
Happy 5th Birthday Ainsley Brielle. . oh, here come the tears again. WE LOVE YOU!

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