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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Laugh. . .at my expense

Yesterday, as I bent down to put something in Ainsley's cubby at preschool, I thought I felt a little rip in the butt of my pants. I did a little feel check as I left the room and didn't feel a tear, so went about my morning. We stopped at the store, went home, went to the preschool office, etc and everytime I squatted down I felt the same ripping sensation in the butt of my pants, but again, felt the seam in the middle and felt nothing. It was only after I was home from picking her up from preschool. . .2 and 1/2 hours later, that I bent down once again to get markers out of our art cabinet and thought, "What in the world is going on with my pants?!" I looked in the mirror and THIS IS WHAT I SAW!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. . . Maybe I should've felt with my right hand instead of my left hand?! Let's just say it's a good thing I was in THOSE panties, but who all saw me and didn't tell me?!!!!!!

Now, on to a little of this and that. . .just look at Trey when I vaccuum. . .he has himself pushed up against the wall, on his tippy toes. . .precious little thing is afraid of the vaccuum! This picture makes me SO want to go pick him up and snuggle him! And not so serious Trey. . .having fun with his big "sissy"s hat. . .Anyone recognize this sweater? Big brother Porter wore it for a picture when I think he was around 5 months old?! Here's Trey in the same sweater at 15 months :)And for some Trey giggles, click here and enjoy him hiding behind the desk and me playing peekaboo. . .after this video he was SO still and quiet hiding under there :)

Last weekend we went to visit Ryan's parents and celebrated Ainsley's birthday with them! We had homemade pizza and angel food cake! Oh, and that would be Trey before we left. . getting into his diaper bag and Reeses pieces :)Today Porter said, "Thanks Ainsley for teaching me how to make an A!" He was so proud of himself! Way to go Porter on making 2 A's, and on just being you! We also went to the library this morning for Turkey Trot Story Time! The highlight was parading around the library waving paper turkeys and waving at the other people in the library. My kids LOVED IT!!! They were so excited that they were in a parade. . there was even music! Now, off to do a little of this. . .



Bethany said...

Okay, I admit it, I had a laugh at your expense. :0) At least no one knew what size your pants were, or how much you paid for them. There was a mom at the playground today with the sales tag still hanging off her jeans...
What, you don't have parades at your house several times a week, complete with drums? Well, come on over to our house!

Megan said...

ok, ok. so we totally did the turkey trot this afternoon! and i totally noticed that miss karen is pregnant today- there was a definite bump!

we just had a little scuffle with a library lady today bc they claimed i had a fine for turning in a movie late, when we made a specific point to turn it in on the correct day and after talking with them about it twice (they kept saying to the tune of " i know you say that is when you brought it but the system says it was two days later!" etc... they took the fine off today, i mean honestly, would a woman lie over a $1 fine?! but anyway, i think they just wanted to get rid of me. i was sweet about it, but the lady was not!

anyway- your pants? that was way worse.

thank you for making my day seem better. :)

you are totally lucky you were wearing dark underwear! too funny!


JadeKB said...

I LOVE IT!!! Way to be you Emily and laugh it off! But, you are right... good think you didn't have on your hot pinks! We totally missed Turkey Trot today... guess I would be on the "list" if my girls knew about it, but we'll just let that one slide!

Hollie said...

That was funny! Thanks for the laugh. I can totally relate to Trey being able to wear Porter's clothes but at a completely different age. Ty is wearing Gabe's old clothes that he wore at 6 months right now too. I guess those 2nd boys are just small or something:)

dana said...

Oh, Emily! Could your life be any more fun(ny). Your family should be in a magazine! So cute and FUN! Love it!