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Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy Baby Daze

I could make that the title of every post. . .my crazy baby days all run together, so this may be a jumbled post. . .
Last week Trey had his 1 year appt and the little peanut weighed in at 22 lb (25th%) and 29+in (10-25th%).
We also went shopping for Halloween costumes and Porter lived in his superhero (optimus prime) costume for 2 days straight!!!!After trying on many costumes, Ainsley decided on a pink fairy :) Saturday morning we went to the zoo. . .our favorite was the ducks playing tag! We also enjoyed watching the noisy gibbonsand playing in the sand
Saturday afternoon Ainsley had a soccer game and she scored two goals! I think my favorite part though is that after she does anything she waves at us with a big smile :)Thanks dad for coaching!

Going back to Fri, I had a dentist apt because my front teeth broke. . .again. . for the 4th time. And GooF and I got a little date to Barnes and Noble thanks to Grammy. Sat night we went out to CiCi's pizza with Michelle and family! It was a lot of fun even though Trey spilled a pop all over the floor :) Then we went to their house and played speed scrabble while the kids ran amuck! We're so thankful for their friendship!

Sunday afternoon Ryan's parents stopped over, and Grampa Seth and Porter caught bugs. . .see what's in that hand?

Then we had supper at my parents and the kids also got to pick pumpkins from Grammy and Grampas garden this wknd. . .And a few pics from today. . .I decided to take the kids on a wagon ride. . intending to wear them out before nap. . .am pretty sure I'm the one that got worn out! As I was pulling them I realized I was pulling 90 lb of love + wagon! I have also been trying to find some good deals on decorations for our family room (aka playroom). . decided to go with black and whites
I was so excited when I found the verse "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" I love it with the pic of Trey's infant feet :) As you can see, I love wording on my walls :) And pics of the kids and of course framed kids artwork. . that's the best and cheapest decoration!
Just a glimpse of our crazy baby days/daze


Doug and Nikki said...

I have to ask...Are your front teeth issues from when Bill Bosler broke them in college? You poor thing!

Doug and Nikki said...

Well, I hope I am laughing with you when I say that I remember very clearly when you walked into our dorm room and showed us your broken teeth! Our soccer team is the Doodle bugs. We saw Goof last week at the game and Doug told him that he better get his team ready!

Megan said...

glad i ran into you! non of my sioux falls friends blog, so it's weird to see someone blog about things we see all the time! (aka the zoo etc!) too funny!


Megan said...

and i meant none. i can spell, really.

Raike said...
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