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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shoveling Packing Peanuts

Shoveling Packing Peanuts?! Yes, that's what I did after our new TV arrived in this huge box full of packing peanuts. I got out the snow shovel to clean them up, but not before we had some fun with them!Also, I have some favortie PICS of the WEEK!!! Gotta love this one. . .just an afternoon playing in the backyard. . .We took care of cousin Bridger one evening this week, and as we walked around the block we wondered if people were going to suggest birth control :) Can you imagine if we'd had one more between Porter and Trey?!

We had family pictures and before we left here's a not so good one I got of the kids. . .not quite what I was going for, but funny anyway,Headed to preschool. . .After we dropped her off, I watched trucks outside with my boys for atleast half an hour. . .on our walk home from the trucks Porter picked me dandelions and said "God is in our hearts." Ainsley has had some tears at preschool. . .but is pretty cute when the first thing she does when she comes out of her classroom is give her brother a hug :)

Playing in the rain. . .

And my littlest man this week. . .

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