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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

Every night when I tuck Ainsley in, I read her a chapter of "Laura and Mary" (aka Little House on the Prairie series). Tonight Porter wanted to listen too and Ainsley said, "If I even hear one little peep out of you Porter. . ." and then she started lecturing him on "instructions" and "trusting him." Obviously she's heard me talking to Porter at naptime (thus the one little peep out of you remark), and today when I came in to check on him in the bathroom and there was soap all over the rug (thus the trusting him remark). OK, so if I catch myself ever saying the peep remark again I will be sure to get the giggles. This is my new FAVORITE PHOTO of the kids. . .love their little profiles and Porter's chubby fingers :) "Like my mustache?"

He really is a messy hands on kid :)

Speaking of hands on children. . .

A shout out to the Gramma's today. . . Grammy brought us "Chinese Chicken" for lunch (Porter's favorite). . .And we received a package in the mail from Gramma Becky. . .THANKS for brightening our day!

The cherubs today. . .Ainsley at 5 yrs

Porter (and his toy frog) at 3 and 1/2

And Trey at 18 months. . .

That's all for now. . .


Lindsay said...

They're getting so big! I loved those "Little House" books, and still find myself catching a rerun now and then :0).

JulieM said...

I love the messy pictures ... so boy!! Looks like you had a fun filled week! Where do the days go?

Holly said...

Haha that's such a cute story! It's really interesting what kids pick up on isn't it? :D