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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Born yesterday

We have a little saying around our house, started by my good friend Michelle, that goes "Trey was not born yesterday!" A few examples:

We have three kids' towels hanging in the bathroom. . a blue one for Trey, a white one, and a yellow towel that Ainsley and Porter usually both want. Last night when Trey told me he was ready to get "out" of the bathtub, he said towel, so I grabbed the blue one that he uses every night, and he looked at me and said, "NO, YELLOW!" Apparently he has heard his siblings say they want the yellow towel, so he figured that's the one he wants to use too. Trey was NOT BORN YESTERDAY!

Whenever I bake cookies, the kids pull up chairs to the counter. If Trey hears the chairs being moved to the counter by the big kids, he pushes his own chair over, crawls up it, and says, "DOUGH!" Trey was NOT BORN YESTERDAY!

If daddy has a bowl of ice-cream in the living room, and Trey is not being given enough bites with daddy's spoon, he goes and gets himself a spoon from the kitchen drawer and helps himself to daddy's ice-cream. Trey was NOT BORN YESTERDAY!

When I say it's time to read stories, he's off and running to bring me a book. When I say we're going somewhere, he's off and running saying, "shoes, coat." Trey was NOT BORN YESTERDAY!
Apparently my baby hasn't learned how to correctly take care of a baby yet though. . . .:)
I wonder how these 3 could ever catch rsv from each other?!

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