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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BK Kids and Barbie

This morning after dentist appts, we went out for a Burger King breakfast with daddy! Even after he left for work we sat in our booth and watched the trucks go by. . .garbage trucks, tow trucks, fire engines, city buses, etc. It was one of those mornings that I just felt blessed to be out and about with my 3 little ones. The BK crowns were a big hit too :)

Praise God that as I was crossing an intersection this morning I stopped in time for a car that was running a red light. Thank you to all of you that pray for our family!

Trey has started to say so many new words and has started putting words together. . .his first words together being, "Get it." :)

Ever since Ainsley was little, her money has gone straight to her savings account. Recently, we started letting her save some of it in her piggy bank, and earn some by putting her clothes away, making her bed, etc. We went on a girly date this wknd . . . did I mention I love spending time with just Ainsley?! "We're the girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls." She spent her own money on this barbie and daddy is completely fascinated with it! It changes from purple to pink in hot/cold water. . .and it even came with dolphins that have color changing flowers on them

Just in case you were wondering, Barbies are way cooler than they used to be :) And I should know. Don't tell anyone, but I played with them all through middle school. . .shhh.