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Saturday, February 7, 2009


oooh, I'm so excited to sit down and blog. There's nothing I'd rather be doing on this particular Saturday night, in which the kids are all snug in bed and GooF is going to work on taxes. Oh, that reminds me, GooF. I had a mom at preschool ask me the other day, "Is your husbands name really GooF, bc my daughter was trying to tell me that Ainsley's daddy's name is GooF?!" :) Me: "No, my husband's name is Ryan, but we call him GooF. . .you see, when he was young the kids called him Goofy bc of his glasses and teeth. When he was older, his braces came off and he got contacts, but he was still funny, so he went from Goofy to the much cooler nickname of GooF. And man is he HOT now." Well, I didn't say that last part, but it IS the truth. See how much I love this man?! I wonder if the mom got more of an answer than she was bargaining for?!For my birthday gift, we went to the Bebo Norman and Jeremy Camp concert. What can be better than worshipping God with my husband!! (even if he is a wee bit scared of heights, and we were sitting in the balcony) Did I mention Jeremy Camp told us to jump, and GooF started telling me about how this particular balcony did once crack from the wall?!! And that is the truth. I sat down instead of jumping :) Once Bebo started talking about Compassion International (okay, I'm already tearing up again), I felt a nudge from God that this is the time to sponsor a child. I started getting all excited inside, imagining telling Ainsley about this "sister in Christ" that we get to sponsor. (For the longest time, she really wanted an older sister and now wants a younger one that she can pass her clothes off on :) ) But GooF and I are currently content (and sometimes overwhelmed) raising our 3 fun, yet needy, cherubs. This is something we can do to help a little girl and her whole family (okay, tearing up again.) And so, I introduce you to Ivy. I love her already. She is 5 and 1/2 and lives in Kenya, Africa with her mom and 4 other siblings. Her smile caught my attention right away, along with her dress over her pants and her big boots. A spittin image of what I imagine Ainsley would look like had she been born to a family in Kenya, Africa. I can't wait to send her our first letter and picture, and to most importantly pray for her and her family. I love God, and spending time with Him reflecting on life, faith, etc. Note to self: Do it more often

OK, and that's where the post ended Saturday night, bc Trey was ALREADY awake. Can I just say, "HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY to me. . .the kids have RSV." :( It is now Sunday, and my 29th birthday will go down in history as the sick kid birthday. Ainsley and Porter slept in the same bed Sat night (good way to spread germs) and Ainsley woke up at 5 am with a high fever. Her fever got up to the 106-107 mark and after med all day, I decided it was time to take her to urgent care. (by the way, I was supposed to teach SS, so at 7 am I drove across town to deliver my SS teaching materials). (by the way, we were almost out of toilet paper, so at 7:30am I ran into the grocery store with Trey to get toilet paper) . (by the way, at 7:45 am a man at hyvee asked me where my son's coat was and said sheesh. . .I about told him "It's my birthday!") (by the way, I love my birthday!) Back to urgent care. On the drive there, Ainsley threw up her med, and I called my mom and told her I needed her. When she walked into the clinic, I broke down and was very glad to have her along. After Ainsley got a few tests run on her, we found out she has RSV. Which is also most likely what Trey had and what Porter now has. I can not thank my mom enough for coming right away and bringing Ainsley a fresh clean Valentines nightgown :) It was just what she needed! Instead of having my birthday supper at my parents house, they brought it over here, and I must add that my dad did a mighty fine job of making the casserole while my mom was at urgent care with me and Ainsley :) It was so helpful to have them around tonight, to snuggle up with our sick little ones. GooF and the kids made me cute cards and hung up a 29 above the table. . .and I got myself the perfect gift. . .an assortment of Old Navy bright colored flip flops! I am now enjoying a piece of birthday cheesecake. . don't even ask about my baking it story. And you know what? As I turn 29 and think about how my children did not get the memo to be healthy on my birthday, I also think about how I've wanted to be a mommy and wife for as long as I can remember. I am SO VERY THANKFUL AND BLESSED to be turning 29, and as GooF would say, "Have all this!" We do have ALL THIS. . .God, our marriage, healthy (mostly) children, our home, etc. . . .ALL THIS can be exhausting at times, but it is what I have wanted to do my whole life. Recently I got to enjoy a spa day at MOPS, and also got to take my older two to a science center. . .

We had a muddy, messy afternoon at the park when the temp hit 50,love Trey's toesies

and got to go on a pizza field trip. . .although Ainsley wished Porter was there the whole time, and Porter didn't want to do anything fun without Ainsley.

So, now you have it. . .my birthday, plus some, in a nutshell. And only 365 days til the BIG 3-0!!


Bethany said...

Emily, we just started sponsoring a little girl in Ecuador!!! Her name is Maria Teresa and she will be 6 in June. That's great!
I love all the stories... keep them coming... more comments another time. Hoping they are all better soon.

Doug and Nikki Townsend said...

Emily. Is the white light fixture in this picture a ceiling fan? If so where did you get it? We need to replace the ones in Brooklyn and Brynn's room and those are cute! Sorry for the random question. Hope everýthing is well for you. Maybe we will see you at the zoo sometime soon!